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Brief Overview

Australian federal law classifies nicotine as a restricted poison unless it is approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for use in traditional tobacco products (cigarettes, cigars, etc) or for approved therapeutic purposes. Therefore, nicotine e-liquid is currently not available for sale in Australia.

In Western Australia, all e-cigarette products (including e-liquids and any accessories) are not permitted to be sold from inside the state. As such, there are no retail stores or online stores in Western Australia. They can however be purchased and imported from elsewhere, and ‘personal quantities’ of nicotine and nicotine-containing e-liquids can be legally imported from overseas*. Western Australia is yet to include vaping in it’s smoke-free laws, so usage is not currently restricted.

There are a number of vape stores to be found in Victoria, mainly in the Melbourne area with only a few located elsewhere.

*’Personal quantities’ is defined as a 3-month supply for one person. This amount is subjective and at the discretion of customs officers.

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All Laws & Regulations

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Review Status

This country’s legal measures were reviewed by our staff. No in-country lawyers or tobacco control experts reviewed our analysis.

Relevant Links & Articles

Therapeutic Goods Administration: https://www.tga.gov.au/community-qa/electronic-cigarettes

Tobacco Control Laws: https://www.tobaccocontrollaws.org/legislation/country/australia/laws

Smoke Free Laws: https://www.tobaccocontrollaws.org/legislation/country/australia/sf-indoor

World Health Organization Tobacco Report: http://www.who.int/tobacco/surveillance/policy/country_profile/aus.pdf

Tobacco Atlas Information: http://www.tobaccoatlas.org/country-data/australia/

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