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Review: Z & G Senses E-pen

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General overview:

Inhalation Style: Mouth to lung with air activated switch

Available colours: Orange, Green, Black

Charging: USB fast charging, full charge in 20 – 30 minutes

Size: 125 x 20 x 12 mm (including pod), elliptical profile

Flavours: Virginia tobacco, menthol, mixed berry, cola

Battery: integrated 350 mAH

Z & G Senses E-pen color options

User impressions:

The first thing you’ll notice about this E-pen is its quality look and feel. Delve deeper and you’ll discover some other innovative design touches as well. For instance, the juice pod is retained magnetically and slides in with silky smoothness…a welcome change from usual ‘clicky’ pressure fittings that invariably loosen up over time. Other hints of quality include the satin non-slip coating on the battery section and the beautiful nylon braided USB charging cable – the connecting ends are even sheathed in spring steel!

Perhaps the most obvious difference between this pod and others we’ve used is in the atomiser itself. Rather than the usual coil wrapped cotton wick, the Z&G Senses system uses a vertical coil encased in a liquid permeable ceramic housing. This set-up produces not only superb flavour along with the just the right amount of vapor, but also – we suspect – extreme durability in the coil itself. To put this into perspective, we’ve subjected this unit to two(2) weeks of daily use, with multiple refills of the same pod, and so far there have been no signs of any degradation in either vaping performance or quality. The coil remains remarkably free of build-up, and of course there’s no wick to worry about. For tips on refilling, see the section titled ‘hacking possibilities’ below.

In short, this appears to be the ‘Swiss watch’ of pod systems…definitely the best one we’ve tested to date.  (as at April 2018).



  • Replacement pods are expensive (approx. $25 for a 3-pack)

Z & G Senses E-pen charging port

Hacking possibilities:

For those who want to save some money by refilling pods, here’s a quick primer on doing so with the Z & G Senses unit:

  • Using a pair of needle nose pliers, gently grip the lower end of the pod (where the terminals & magnetic retainers are situated) and pull using a very slight levering action until the vaporiser section of the pod comes out. Note that if you grip too hard with the pliers, there’s a chance of either cracking the pod or burring the edges of the atomiser section, so be careful! We have found that best results are obtained using moderate pressure on the pliers while cushioning the jaws with a strip of either leather or rubber.
  • Once you have the vaporiser section out – and before refilling the pod – you might as well pull the black plastic cap off the chimney end so you can have a look at where the coil is situated (inside its cylindrical ceramic housing). At this point you should also dry off the felt spatter ring that sits directly on top of the ceramic housing. This can be done by simply squeezing it with your fingers in a folded piece of tissue paper.
  • Now simply refill the pod, click it all back together, and you’re good to go.

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