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Your Apple Computer Is A Passive Smoker.

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Laugh all you want, but computers have feelings too. Smoking near Apple products could void your warranty, and yes, it’s actually happened.

Sucking back an entire packet of Life Restrictors while trying to force out the first line of your screenplay might seem helpful in unleashing that creative masterpiece you’re harboring, but if you own an Apple computer you can probably say too-da-loo to your warranty.

That’s exactly what happened to one Apple fanboy from Iowa. Even though this rule doesn’t actually appear in the Terms & Conditions, many technicians claim that because of the hazardous residue from the smoke build up on the inside of the machines they’ll refuse to work on them.

So, not only was his smoking affecting him, but it also damaged his chance of ever claiming his warranty.

“I took my mid 2007 Apple Macbook into the Jordan Creek Apple Store in West Des Moines, Iowa, on Saturday, April 25th, because I had been experiencing some issues with it overheating and figured the fan was bad. After some initial testing, they took the computer in for work under my Applecare plan, which has over a year remaining on it. Today, April, 28th, the Apple store called and informed me that due to the computer having been used in a house where there was smoking, that has voided the warranty and they refuse to work on the machine, due to “health risks of second hand smoke”.

Fair enough, right?

There is nothing worse than being a non-smoker and having to clean out peoples ashtrays.

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Even though smoking may void your warranty, it’s very unlikely that vaping will do the same if you consider this exert from The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) Report on “Nicotine without smoke”.

Just a little peace of mind that your computer can live to see another day.

“Users of e-cigarettes exhale the vapour, which may therefore be inhaled by others, leading to passive exposure to nicotine. There is, so far, no direct evidence that such passive exposure is likely to cause significant harm, although one study has reported levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons that were outside defined safe-exposure limits. It is clear that passive exposure will vary according to fluid, device and the manner in which it is used. Nicotine from exhaled vapour can be deposited on surfaces, but at such low levels that there is no plausible mechanism by which such deposits could enter the body at doses that would cause physical harm.”

Remember, passive smoking doesn’t just harm the people around you, it harms the most important thing of all.

The thing that gives you Vapetrotter.

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Currently based in Sydney Australia. Ex-Smoker who has spent the last 3 years heavily involved in the vape industries of the USA, UK, and Australia.. Get In touch, Ryan@vapetrotter.com

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