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Wafer Atomizer

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[Pronunciation: wafer atomizer /ˈweɪfə/ˈatəmʌɪzə/]

British: wafer atomiser

There are two main types of wafer atomizers, the ceramic coil wafer; like the Guo Altus CVU pictured above, and the relatively new Aluminum Nitride wafer; like the NCR RDA.

The advantages of using a wafer atomizer over traditional coils and wicks is that the wafer is generally designed to be able to be cleaned simply with heat (by dry burning or with a butane torch). This means that coils needn’t be replaced as often, or at all in the case of some of the manufacturers claims. Wicking material must be replaced frequently as wafer atomizers do not replace the need for wicks as some ceramic designs claim to, but the fact that building coils is no longer necessary makes these devices attractive to some users.

See aluminum nitride for information specific to this material.

See ceramic coil for information specific to this material.

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