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[Ptonuunciation: /spɪtbak/]

Spitback occurs when a coil is heated or heating up and “pops”. Each of these “pops” has the potential to cause particles of hot e-liquid to be picked up by the vortex of air channeling through the atomizers and in some cases enter the mouth or throat of the user. Spitback has a higher chance of occurring at higher power, lower resistance and on devices with higher bore drip tips or chuff caps. Many chuff caps and higher bore drip tips come with spitback screens made of mesh or small holes in the cap material itself to combat this and greatly reduce or even eliminate spitback entirely.

Currently located in Sydney, Australia, I have been vaping since 2009 and became active in the e-cigarette industry in late 2015. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of visiting over 700 shops in 6 countries.

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