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The American Vaping Association or AVA is a very well known advocacy organization headed by former legislative affairs advisor to the Citizen Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASAA), Gregory Conley. Since its founding, the AVA has worked tirelessly to support and protect adult access to vapor products.

AVA President Gregory Conley regularly speaks at vaping events in both the U.S. and overseas on advocacy.  He has also spoken before organizations like the Association of Health Care Journalists, the National Conference of State Legislatures, and Georgia Conference of Black Mayors.  In May 2016, Conley embarked on the Truth About Vaping Tour, a six-city speaking tour of Mississippi, which he hopes to bring to other states in the future.

Visit the American Vaping Association’s website for more information and to help them fight to protect vaping.

Currently located in Sydney, Australia, I have been vaping since 2009 and became active in the e-cigarette industry in late 2015. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of visiting over 700 shops in 6 countries.

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