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What Will Vaping Look Like in 20 Years?

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It’s no secret that vaping technology has been rapidly evolving, and sometimes in the tech industry there are trends that we can use to predict the future.

I don’t have a crystal ball, so I can’t guarantee that all of these following things will happen. However, all of these predictions are based on sound logic that most professionals in the industry would agree with.

Technology evolution in vaping is more dependent on chipsets and batteries than anything else. New chipset and battery technology usually hits computers and phones before anything else, and it’ll typically reach other products like vaporizers a few years later.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what vaping could be like in twenty years (assuming the FDA hasn’t banned it by then).


touchscreen vape

All-screen vaporizers

It’s more probable than you might think. Smartphones have been eliminating bezels one millimetre at a time for years, and only recently have we started to see truly all-screen smartphones.

Vaporizers like the Smok G-Priv 2 are selling like hot cakes, and their main selling point is the screen. Will these screens get bigger and more pixel-dense until we have beautiful, all-screen vaporizers?

Imagine holding a vaporizer with a screen that wrapped all the way around. It wouldn’t be as fragile as you might think. A simple matte finish would make it more durable and less fingerprint-prone. Matte finishes tend to make the screen resolution look lower, but on a vaporizer that isn’t a big problem. Screen resolution is more important on devices that provide an entertainment experience such as televisions, tablets, and smartphones.

You might assume that an all-screen vaporizer would utilize touch-screen technology, but according to experts, in twenty years touch-screens could be rendered irrelevant by screens that are actually controlled by your mind.


brain control

Vaping with your mind

This might sound ridiculous, but this information comes directly from developers at Intel. Intel, for those that don’t know, make more than half of the chips used in computers.

This means that the technology of the future is largely dependent on what they do. Right now, they’re proving that we can do very interesting things with brainwaves. This includes, but isn’t limited to, typing and selecting items on-screen.

If that’s possible, firing a vaporizer might be as simple as just thinking about it, and adjusting temperatures might be as easy as concentrating on your screen or simply thinking of a number.

It could take a while for this technology to become so common that it replaces something as simple as the fire button on a vaporizer, but according to Intel, we could see this technology in computers in as soon as ten years. To say it could be present in vaping technology in twenty years isn’t really much of a stretch.


battery charge

Batteries that charge in minutes

The newest smartphones with lithium-ion batteries can already reach a full charge in half an hour. Almost everything with a battery uses lithium-ion, but soon these batteries will be a thing of the past.

In 2004, a wonder material called graphene was discovered. Its biggest selling point was the fact that it could be arranged in sheets that are only one atom thin while displaying surprising durability. In other words, it’s very strong.

It’s also extremely conductive, so it can be used in technology like batteries and screens. Theoretically, someone would be able to redesign the modern battery on an atomic level, creating an infinitely more complex and effective unit. It was supposed to revolutionize everything, and it eventually will.

Graphene was discovered fourteen years ago, but these things take time. It’s still some of the most bleeding-edge technology we have. Right now, there are a lot of up and coming companies that are aiming to provide revolutionary batteries that utilize graphene technology. The sky’s the limit, but we can, at the very least, expect to have much faster charging times.

There’s no realistically accurate estimation as to how long these batteries will last between charges, but we can expect significant improvements. We can also expect graphene to revolutionize every electric component of the vaporizer, not just the battery.


So, what will vaping be like in twenty years?

As far as we can tell, vaping will be extremely cool in twenty years. Imagine pulling a beautiful, all-screen vaporizer from your pocket, firing or adjusting it simply by thinking, and only recharging it every few weeks.

These aren’t guaranteed results, but they’re very good guesses.

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