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Review: Wellon LUX Vape Pen

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General overview:

Inhalation Style: Mouth to lung with air activated switch

Available colours: Black, Champagne gold, Rose gold, Silver

Main materials: Anodised alloy, ABS, Magnets

Charging: Micro USB, charging time approx 2 hours

Size: 90  x 19  x 10.6mm

Pod capacity: 1.2 mL

Battery: integrated 450 mAh

Coil: 1.4 Ohm

Wick: Permeable Ceramic

Hackable: No

refilling LUX pod with eliquid

User impressions:

Straight out of the box, the LUX Vape Pen became an instant hit among our Pod Test Pilots. And as you can well imagine, these are serious people we’re talking about. They know their peas from their pods.

So what is it that sets the Lux apart from lesser offerings? Let us count the ways…

Firstly…flavour. In this department the Lux ranks among the best pod systems we’ve tested to date…rich and luxurious. Let’s just call it lux for short.

Secondly…smoothness. The Lux has just the right amount of air-flow, producing just the right amount of vapour. If there were three bears vaping, we strongly suspect the one with the Lux would be Baby Bear.

Thirdly…throat hit. Yes yes we know no one talks about throat hit anymore…but it’s definitely there with the Lux. Also we needed something beginning with ‘th’.

Quadly…quality. Yep, the q-word. Not merely a platitude in this case though…the Lux really does exude quality in all aspects of its design.

Pentally…performance. The Lux has awesome stamina thanks to its 450mAh battery – nearly twice as much as many of its rivals.

Of course we could go on with hexly, heptly, octally and so forth, but it’s getting harder to find words beginning with those letters. Hopefully you get the point that the Lux is an excellent device, and well worth trying for yourself.

LUX pod system full kit plus 4 pack of pods


Stylish, durable design

Extremely well priced at $25 for kit incl. 2 pods, extra pods $14.95 for a pack of 4.

Excellent flavour

Ample vapor production

Durable ceramic coils

Leak proof

Outstanding  battery life with 450 mAh

Super simple refilling

True vaping satisfaction – great for those wishing to quit smoking*

*Real life story: a certain friend of Vapetrotter in Australia recently quit smoking completely as a result of using the Lux.

LUX pod vape pen


Nope, can’t think of any.

Oh maybe just one thing. The battery takes a while to charge…but it’s pretty high capacity so not that surprising.


Manufacturer website: https://www.wellontech.com/product/lux/

Sold by: https://www.vaporlivingwholesale.com/collections/wellon/products/lux-vape-pen-kit-by-wellon-4-colors

Vaping since 2008. Ex-smoker, pod enthusiast, professional hermit.

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