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Review: Vype ePen 3 Kit

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The Vype ePen 3 Kit – Dry Hits Eliminated. Possible Alien Technology Involved.
Vype epen 3

General overview:

Inhalation Style: Mouth to lung with button activated switch

Available colours: Black, Blue, Red, Gold

Main materials: ABS

Charging: Micro USB, charging time approx 2 hours

Size: 123  x 27  x 18mm

Pod capacity: 2 ml

Battery: Integrated 650 mAh

Coil: 2.8 Ohm

Wick: Cotton

Hackable: Very much so

User impressions:

The Vype ePen 3 makes a striking first impression on looks alone. It’s certainly unlike any pod that’s come before. You might even say it’s boldly going there too. In fact, rumours have been circulating among technicians here at the Top Secret Vapetrotter Testing Laboratories that the design of the Vype ePen was in fact based on the cigar-shaped UFO sighted over the Great Wall of China in January 2016 (see image below).

Naturally, the designers smoothed things out a bit – removing the toroidal hyperspace jump coils encircling the fuselage for instance – and this gives the Vype ePen a beautifully smooth, sleek feel with outstanding fist appeal. Alas, it also means the Vype ePen lacks faster than light warp capabilities.

Theories aside though, this is a seriously nice pod. Purists (or even skeptics?) might balk at the shape initially, but such misgivings will probably vaporise after the first few hits.

Flavour from the pre-filled pods is nothing short of superb (note we’ve only tested the tobacco, mint, and wild berries, but all were delicious). Vapor production is rich and free flowing, with just the right amount of air flow. This makes for an extremely satisfying vape.

Last but not least, there’s the ePen’s party-piece…no dry hits! Through testing we’ve found that when the juice runs dry, the Vype ePen actually cuts power to the coil and the led blinks to indicate a dry condition. Surprisingly, this feature is not mentioned in any of the manufacturer’s documentation. Strange…since it’s such a useful innovation.

Then again, could this be more evidence of a cover-up?

Could this feature be part of a secretive Alien Technology Transfer Program?

You decide…


Sturdy, space-age design

Excellent flavour

Ample vapor production

*Easily hackable

100% leak proof

Outstanding  battery life with 650 mAh


Nope, can’t think of any.

Vype epen 3

*Hacking possibilities:

As with most pre-filled pod systems, the manufacturer FAQs states quite clearly that “the Vype ePen 3 pod is not designed for refilling.” And as with most pre-filled pod systems that say such things, we respond with “challenge accepted”.

In the case of the Vype ePen 3, we’re happy to report that refilling is not very challenging. In fact it’s a breeze.

Even re-coiling and re-wicking is pretty simple…as long as you take care to hit the minimum 2.8 Ohm threshold – otherwise you’ll run into that alien tech that prevents the coil from firing on a dry wick. Also shoot for 14mm leg length to allow for bending into the terminal holes in the silicon base unit.

See the images that follow for a visual tour of opening the pod for refilling, followed by re-wicking/re-coiling. In this case we went with Ekowool™ for our wick, but cotton is fine if you prefer that OEM look.

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Product webpage: https://www.govype.com/uk/vype-epen-3-starter-kit

Pod webpage: https://www.govype.com/uk/e-liquids/vype-epen-3-pods

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