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Vapouround Bus Drives A Smoke-Free Message Across Britain

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It started off as a throwaway remark in the wake of looming vape regulations in the UK.

It was the time immediately before the European Union’s Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) and the full impact of the forthcoming new regulations were beginning to hit home.

The Vapouround management team were discussing how all consumer advertising of e-cigarettes and vaping hardware would be banned under the new rules, which were enforced from May 2017.

Newspaper, magazine, and TV adverts would be outlawed under the new rules, but advertising on the side of buses would remain unchanged.

“We should buy our own bus as a protest about the TPD,” someone remarked, half in jest, but by the time the meeting ended they had decided to put ‘Operation Vapouround Bus’ into effect.


vapouround bus


In the weeks that followed, the team worked out a plan of action for the bus, pencilled in the initial tour dates, and set about making it as eye-catching and appealing as possible.

Vape companies were falling over each other to get their brands advertised on the bus and Vapouround formally announced it to the world in their October 2016 magazine.


vapouround bus


Its first public outing was to Vaper Expo UK that same month and it immediately became one of the highlights of the event. During the three-day show, visitors would stop and take selfies in front of the bus and they knew that they were onto a winner.

Since then the bus has been taken to towns, cities, festivals, universities, and vape shops up and down the country for promotional events.


vapouround bus

vapouround bus


There are juice tasting stations on board, interactive zones, flat-screen TVs, vape freebies, knowledgeable and friendly staff, and a comfortable seating area.

The bus has evolved over the years and has now become a smoking cessation service on wheels that tours the country helping smokers to quit, and each visitor receives a free copy of the Vapouround Vaping 101 guide, which answers all the questions that first-time vapers commonly ask.


vapouround bus


The team at Vapouround know that smokers can feel apprehensive about walking into a vape store for the first time, but they have no such fears about stepping on board the bus.

Every year they’ve helped hundreds of smokers switch to vaping and this has become one of the focal points of the bus as it tours the UK.


vapouround bus


The Vapouround Bus has also become an established fixture at the Vaper Expo UK – Europe’s biggest vape event – and it continues to turn as many heads now as it did when it first took to the streets.

It has been fitted out with meeting spaces, test stations, vaping literature, video screens, games, and a sound system.


vapouround bus


So, if you find yourself in the UK and you see the bus, jump onboard and meet their friendly team.


You can find the most current tour dates on the Vapouround Bus website, https://www.vapouroundbus.co.uk

Currently living in Sydney Australia, I come from a background in brand marketing and comedy writing. I’ve spent the last 3 years heavily involved in the vape industries of the USA, UK, and Oceania.

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