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Vaping: Creating The New Class Of Australian Criminal

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Yes, you heard right. According to Australian law, possession of nicotine can result in serious fines (and even jail time), similar to possessing heroin.

How on earth can anybody actually take the Australian government seriously when they are enforcing this ideology on a proven life-saving technology that is changing the lives of people all around the world.

what did you say will ferrel

Have a look at this beauty:

“Nicotine for human consumption is listed in the SUSMP as a prescription-only medicine in the schedule 4 (S4) classification, except when used as an aid in the withdrawal from tobacco smoking in preparations intended for oromucosal or transdermal use (eg nicotine patches, gum or mouthsprays). In the schedule 7 (S7) classification, nicotine is listed as a poison, except in preparations for human therapeutic use or in tobacco prepared and packed for smoking. Nicotine used for e-cigarettes will fall within S7 classification if it is not treated as a therapeutic good. There are no restrictions on importation but individuals may commit an offence under state and territory laws when they take possession of, or use, imported nicotine”

It just gets better and better the more you read up on the Australian laws and regulations. There is nothing more entertaining when conversing with friends and industry advocates all over the UK and USA. Their reactions are utterly priceless and those of disbelief.

Very few states even allow the import of your own personal amount of nicotine, even if it’s safely pre-mixed in an e-liquid from an approved market such as the UK.

Even in states where import is legal, possession and use is generally not, and you can face serious fines (even jail time) similar to if you had been caught with heroin or other hard drugs.

Dr Collin Mendelsphon

Colin is a Tobacco Treatment Specialist. He helps people quit smoking, teaches health professionals, writes articles on smoking and is involved in a range of other smoking-related projects.

To really drive home this ‘prohibitionist, abstinence-only stance’, if you even try to seek advice from a professional at one of the few vape stores on where to buy nicotine products, they can’t legally help you, as even just referring someone to an external nicotine source is illegal and can carry serious fines, and even threaten their business.

this city deserves a better class of criminal

Many reports also suggest that officials from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) visit stores with the sole intention of trying to entrap friendly staff members into offering this advice in order to issue these serious fines and threaten their businesses.

Topher Fields’ video – featured above for Legalise Vaping Australia – makes some some solid points about just how ridiculous the Australian mentality and ban on nicotine really is.

“What if there was a smokeless alternative, a way to satisfy someone’s liking for nicotine without having to burn anything. And then, what if the most effective smokeless alternative was made illegal, while the product that can kill you is being sold on every street corner. Would that make sense to you?”

Currently based in Sydney Australia. Ex-Smoker who has spent the last 3 years heavily involved in the vape industries of the USA, UK, and Australia.. Get In touch, Ryan@vapetrotter.com

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