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VapeWild Europe Unveils StopTober Programming

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PRESS RELEASE: VapeWild Europe Unveils StopTober Programming


Texas-based Vapour business joins NHS initiative pushing smoking cessation products.

[LONDON] – 1 October 2018 – VapeWild , a Dallas, Tx. – based vapour manufacturer, retailer and distributor, revealed its programming for StopTober 2018. The initiative, in conjunction with the NHS’s StopTober programming, will be available online at vapewild.eu and in VapeWild’s brick-and-mortar stores in Greater London.


VapeWild.eu will be offering their starter kits and e-juice at reduced rates to help aid the NHS initiative. The company is also sponsoring current smokers, following them along their 28-day journey of transitioning from traditional smoking methods to vaping.


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VapeWild Brick-and-Mortar stores in the United Kingdom will also be supporting StopTober through programming and customer support. Customers that take a picture with the StopTober picture frame and share the image on social media using #VWStopTober will get a free 10 mL with purchase. Additionally, customers that need help selecting the appropriate product are encouraged to visit the stores for expert advice and recommendations tailored to each individual.

VapeWild Mill Hill is located at 12 Station Rd, London NW7 2JU. The VapeWild Watford location is at 175 St. Albans Rd., Watford WD24 5BD.

Established in 2014, VapeWild prides itself on its unique customer experience and hands-on approach. VapeWild places a heavy focus on customer experience beyond the products it sells, with an engaging brand presence and a dedicated team. Specializing in a wide variety of flavours and carefully curated hardware selection, VapeWild embraces social trends in a casual, good-natured and slightly irreverent manner.

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VapeWild has had an e-commerce presence in the United Kingdom and European Union for over two years. To learn more about VapeWild in the United Kingdom, visit VAPEWILD EU.

Stoptober is here, VapeWild Army! What is now a massive 28 day quit smoking campaign across the UK, is becoming something of a tradition. The 28 day journey is proving to work for large groups of people who wish to quit smoking, and VapeWild is here to help! We are recruiting two of England’s finest to gear up, strap up and stand with. Interested? If you have the desire to toss your traditional cigarettes away and transition to E Cigarettes, the Stoptober challenge is the way to do it! Here is what we are on about: Together we would march Abbey Road (in vapor spirit) as we journey toward your goal – to quit smoking. Your transition to a smoke-free life will be blogged for followers as inspiration. They will get updates while you change your life, and hopefully theirs! If you are an aspiring inspirer join the masses with us!

Currently based in Sydney Australia. Ex-Smoker who has spent the last 3 years heavily involved in the vape industries of the USA, UK, and Australia.. Get In touch, Ryan@vapetrotter.com

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