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How To: Popular Vape Tricks And Smoke Tricks

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Performing vape tricks, smoke tricks, or hookah tricks is an age-old past time, hobby, and in more recent times it can even be a professional competition-level sport and art form.

Here you’ll learn how to get started with a focus mostly on vaping tricks. The skills learnt are really the same for smoke tricks, as the majority of these vape tricks were adapted for vapers from either traditional smoking or hookah tricks.



Beginner – Little to no practice required

Beginner smoke or vape tricks are fairly simple to learn and most require relatively little practice in order to do them well. Generally both MTL and sub-ohm devices will work quite well for any of these tricks, however, each have advantages and disadvantages which can effect each trick differently.

How to ghost inhale vape trick

“The Ghost Inhale”, “Ghost Hit”, or “Snap Inhale” Vape Trick

Things you’ll need:

The ghost inhale is an old hookah trick, and it’s also one of the easiest vape tricks to learn. It can also be performed using either a MTL device, or a sub ohm lung inhale device.

How to ghost inhale vape

Draw a small amount of vapor into your mouth without drawing it into your lungs. Immediately after, you allow the vapor to fall out of your mouth in a controlled manor (trying to keep the vapor together in a ball shape) before quickly inhaling the ball of vapor again, drawing it (or “snapping” it) directly into your lungs.

Check out this video by the VGOD Official YouTube channel for more detail:



french inhale vape trick

“French Inhale” or “Irish Waterfall”, and “Bane”

Things you’ll need:

The French Inhale or Irish Waterfall is another classic smoke/shisha trick which is now used by vapers everywhere. French inhale is best performed using a MTL device.

How to French inhale vape

Start by drawing vapor into your mouth (not into your lungs) and then with your mouth slightly ajar you slowly allow the vapor to “fall” out of your mouth as you inhale through your nose, drawing the vapor up and into your nose in a kind of reverse waterfall.

How to do the Bane vape trick

The Bane vape trick gets it’s name from the Batman character “Bane” and is essentially the same thing as the French inhale with only one slight difference, this time you will allow your teeth to  lightly rest on your lower lip, causing the vapor to come out between your teeth in individual streams. When you draw the vapor upwards towards your nose, these individual streams of vapor mimic the appearance of Bane’s mask from the movie universe.

For more detail, check out this video by DivPiv



dragon vape trick example

“The Dragon”, “Dragon’s Breath”, or “Dragon Force”

Things you’ll need:

The Dragon is another fairly simple trick which involves exhaling vapor out of your nose and mouth at the same time. Dragons Breath is commonly seen in trick comps as a bridging trick between other tricks. It’s best performed using a direct inhale or sub ohm device.

How to do The Dragon vape trick

  1. Take a deep inhale into your lungs from your chosen device.
  2. Close your lips together leaving a small gap on the both sides of your mouth, if this is difficult you can achieve the same result by placing a finger in the middle of your lips.
  3. Start exhaling slowly through your mouth and nose at the same time trying to keep the gaps on either side of your mouth the same size throughout the exhale.



Vapor waterfall example

The Waterfall (Bottle Trick)

Things you’ll need:

  • Any e-cig
  • 1 x bottle, glass or container

The Waterfall is an easy, entertaining trick which can be done with all manor of objects and containers. All you need is a fairly high output device and something to hold the vapor in, like a bottle, glass, jar, or really anything concave.

How to do the waterfall vape trick

Take a large inhale of vapor and slowly exhale the vapor into your chosen container, the larger the container, the more times you can do this. If you exhale slowly enough you can continue filling the container over and over until it is full of thick vapor. the waterfall comes in when you flip the container over (slowly) and poor the vapor out. You can also plan ahead for this trick by pouring a small amount of water into the container ahead of time and freezing it, this will keep the vapor thicker for longer and give a slightly better effect when you pour it out.



vape bubbles

“Vape Bubble”, or “Vapor Bubble” (Bottle Trick)

Things you’ll need:

  • Any e-cig
  • 1 x small plastic bottle or straw
  • 1 x shallow dish
  • Dishwashing soap
  • Water

The Vape Bubble is another entertaining trick involving a couple of simple props, in this case you’ll need a relatively small plastic bottle (or drinking straw for smaller bubbles) and a shallow dish or container large enough that the end of your bottle can fit and touch the bottom.

How to blow vape bubbles

Cut the bottom off your bottle, then all you have to do is pour some dish washing soap and water into the shallow container and dip the cut end of your bottle into the soapy water. Inhale as much vapor onto your lungs as you can and then slowly blow through the mouth piece of your bottle allowing the bubble to form.



vape tornado next to a vape helix tornado

Tornado Vape Trick & Helix Tornado

Things you’ll need:

  • Any e-cig
  • A flat, cool or cold surface

Either the Tornado, or the Helix Tornado are able to be performed as a follow up to the waterfall bottle trick or as a standalone tricks on their own. In either case, you’ll need to be in an area with very little air movement during these tricks.

How to do the vape Tornado trick or the Helix Tornado trick

To do it as a follow up to the waterfall, simply pour the vapor out of your bottle or container onto a flat (and preferably quite cool) surface very slowly, allowing the vapor to stick to the surface and build up a thick layer. Next you want to gently place your hand (as if shaking hands with the vape) into the surface layer of vapor and flick your wrist as your raise your arm upwards in one fluid motion. In order to perform a helix tornado, you’ll need to change the angle of your hand as you flick your wrist and raise you arm, experiment with this to find the best angle as you go. The speed of motion and flicking of your wrist is the only part that requires any practise to get right, but once you do you’ll find forming the tornado to be quite easy.

If you are doing the tornado as a stand alone trick, then you wont have a container filled with vapor to start you off, simply inhale a large amount of vapor and with your face close to the cool, flat surface you intend on using, slowly exhale the vapor from your mouth being careful not breath too heavily or disturb the surface as you back away. Follow the rest of the steps above and form up your tornado.

Once you have the start of the tornado down you can try to make it grow or sustain it for a longer period of time by using your hand to “stir” the top of the tornado in the same direction of it’s spin.

Check out this video on how to do the vape Tornado and vape Helix by Kristopher Molina



Intermediate – Some practice required

Mastered the beginner tricks and looking to step up your game? These intermediate tricks can seem pretty simple at first, but most of them require more patience and a lot more practice to pull them off successfully. The majority of them can be done equally well with MTL or sub-ohm devices, but most tricksters choose higher output mods (sub ohm with higher wattage or mech mods) either to increase the thickness of the vapor or to boost the sheer amount of vapor available for tricks.



vape O's

Blowing “O’s”, “Zero’s” or “Rings”

Things you’ll need:

Probably the most famous smoke trick, made 95% less harmful! I’d say just about everyone has at least heard of blowing rings, so it’s no surprise that it’s a staple vape trick.

Blowing rings is dead easy once you work out which technique works best for you, there are a number of ways that you can do it and if you’re fortunate enough to be able to do more than one method then you’ll eventually notice the rings formed from each behave differently and that will com into doing more complex tricks later.

The most common way of forming an “O” is to inhale vapor into either your lungs (for slightly thinner O’s) or into your mouth (for a slightly thicker O) and then whilst holding your mouth open and making an “O” shape with your lips; make a kind of silent coughing motion to push the vapor out of your mouth. This is where practise comes in, some people can do this quite easily, others need a lot of patience to be able to form lasting O’s.

Another common method is to very slowly exhale through your mouth while gently clicking your jaw upwards and/or raising the mid-back section of your tongue slightly. This method is generally a little harder to master, but can create faster moving O’s more consistently than the first method.

Check out Gunnar Hudson‘s video on blowing the perfect O’s for more detail:



triple o's vape trick

“Spamming O’s”, “Double O’s” or “Triple O’s”

Things you’ll need:

  • Any e-cig
  • Ability to blow normal O’s well consistently

Double and Triple O’s are the next major step up once you feel you’ve mastered ordinary O’s. Much like the Dragon, quick bouts of double and/or triple O’s are often used to bridge the gap in trick set by vape tricksters.

How to blow double O’s and triple O’s

Once you’re confident blowing O’s, the hard work is mostly done. All you need to do to blow double O’s is place a single finger (triple O’s would mean two fingers spaced evenly) in the middle of your lips as if you were shushing someone and blow an O. You’ll need to adjust the amount of air your push and the amount you open your lips and shape you have them in, but you should be able to feel what adjustments are needed on the fly.

VapeChilla‘s video below shows how to do Double O’s and Triple O’s quite well:



man pushing or bending a vape ring

“Pushing O’s” and “Bending O’s”

Things you’ll need:

  • Any e-cig
  • Ability to blow thick O’s with even walls

Pushing and/or bending an O is something you can work towards as soon as you are able to blow O’s. The general idea is to be able to direct an O to move where you want it to move. Building on this, it’s possible to stretch out an O as you push it, being able to stretch out an O is a skill which becomes a foundation for many more advanced skills later on.

How to push & bend O’s

Cup one or both hands next to your mouth. Blow a vape ring or O as normal while trying to follow the ring with a flattened out hand as if you were pushing open a door, making sure to keep your hand 2-3 inches behind the O as you move. Following closer to the O will cause it it expand and become larger. As you practice mmore and more and get a feeling for it, you can use this to make rings as large as you need them to be to do other tricks with.

Some people find it’s easier to learn with one hand and others find it easier with two, whichever you start with is up to you but it is well worth learning both methods in the long run though.

For more detail on vape bending and pushing O’s, check out VapeChilla‘s video here:

Advanced Tricks

These advanced tricks take quite a lot of time and dedication to master. All of these require the skills you’ve learnt in the basic and intermediate tricks. It’s very rare for tricksters to use lower output devices for any of these tricks and you generally only see people using very low ohm rebuild-able toppers and high output or mechanical mods with high VG eliquid.

Before going and buying the required hardware for these, it’s important to realize that enthusiast devices like mechanical devices require more knowledge than just how to do the tricks, it’s important to educate yourself on how to use these devices and how to build coils etc. before jumping in. Speak to you local shops and find a coil builder to talk to, most are happy to help people who want to learn.



how to blow vape triangles


Things you’ll need:

  • Be able to sustain rings for extended periods
  • Ability to blow thick O’s with even walls
  • Ability to push and bend vape rings well

Blowing vape triangles is probably the next step beyond pushing and bending rings. It requires you to be able to blow strong O’s and push them and introduces you to reshaping them in mid-flight.

How to blow vape triangles

You want to start with a strong, milky O ring moving relatively fast. To form it into a triangle you’ll ‘swipe’ your hand across the O ring twice in quick succession, trying not to break it in the process. It’s important that you come close enough to disturb it enough to reshape it, without thinning it so much that it simply breaks.

Check out this video by Byron “A_Kidz” at Vape Capitol


smoke heart

Love hearts

Things you’ll need:

  • Be able to sustain rings for extended periods
  • Ability to blow thick O’s with even walls
  • Ability to push and bend vape rings well

Love hearts are another trick we’ve picked up from Hookah users and while they might not look very difficult, they can be very hard to master.

How to blow vape hearts

Blow a nice, thick O ring and bend it to the size and position you want. ‘Snap’ or ‘click’ your fingers right at the top of the O ring to disturb it’s airflow and reshape the top, if you get this right the top part of the ring will sink inwards forming a heart shape. You don’t want your fingers to touch the O when you do this, you want the shock wave caused by your fingers to make it sink in.



vape forcefield or jellyfish example

“Jellyfish” and “Forcefield”

Things you’ll need:

  • Be able to sustain rings for extended periods
  • Ability to blow thick O’s with even walls
  • Ability to push and bend vape rings

The jellyfish and forcefield tricks are closely related tricks with variations on where the extra vapor is introduced to the existing ring that has been bent to the desired size.

How to make a vape jellyfish

Method 1. First you want to make a solid O and bend it so that it has about an 8 inch inner diameter with evenly thick walls all the way around. You’ll then take a quick drag of vapor and hold it in your mouth. Now carefully ‘drop’ the extra vapor into the middle of the original O and back away without disturbing the jellyfish. The additional vapor you dropped into the center should get sucked into the vortex by the rotation of the ring itself, forming a jellyfish.

Method 2. Make a solid O and bend it again, this time leaving it a little smaller then you would have with method 1. You want to try to either blow a second O into the center of this first O, if you can do this right, the second O will be sucked into the first one and form another type of jellyfish. If you can’t blow the second O accurately enough, you can blow a smaller O and bend it into place, centered with the first O.

How to make a vape forcefield

A forcefield is formed in much the same way you would make a jellyfish using method 1 above. The major difference here is that instead of depositing the extra vapor directly in the center, you want to try to have the extra vapor hit the very top of your O and get sucked into it, thickening the ring itself rather than orbiting the ring like it would in a jellyfish.

Repairman67 explains both Jellyfish and Forcefields in this video:

Currently located in Sydney, Australia, I have been vaping since 2009 and became active in the e-cigarette industry in late 2015. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of visiting over 700 shops in 6 countries.

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