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How to find vape shops near you

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What is the best way to find a vape shop near me?

There’s probably nothing worse than running out of juice or burning your last coil, especially when you have no idea where the closest open vape store is.

Have you ever been sat there with your depressed e-cig in hand, asking yourself “where are all the vape stores near me right now?”

Well, here they all are:


Boom. Look at that. Holy hell.

Finding open vape stores shouldn’t be hard. Traditionally, people probably turn to Yelp or Google Maps when they want to find a shop of any sort, but that won’t always work… According to Yelp, they cover a total of 32 countries and 219+ cities. This is an impressive feat considering the number of different types of businesses that they cover. When it comes to the vape shops though, they’re missing a lot of them. While Google Maps lists shops in most countries around the world, the data can be very old or outdated and in some cases, entirely wrong.

At Vapetrotter.com we list vape stores in every country* that has them. To use Yelp terminology, we have local store information covering 121 countries and over 1050 cities. With over 25,000 vape shops listed we are the world’s largest vaping directory.

Although the majority of our listings are traditional “vape shops” we don’t stop at just that, we also list smoke shops, glass shops, gas stations, convenience stores, and anywhere else that we find that sells vaping gear and/or e-liquid so whether you’re an hour away from home or on the other side of the planet, we got you.

Much like Yelp and Google, we allow users to rate and review the stores they visit. You’re able to simply give stores an overall rating, or optionally, you can rate them according to the different aspects of the store itself: Juice Selection, Mod Selection, Prices, Staff Knowledge, and Customer Service. Each of these aspects play a role in determining the shop’s total rating score.

B&M Vape Shops

The majority of our listings are traditional vape shops. These specialist stores generally carry a full range of products and have staff who are able to help new users who may need a little more guidance as they transition into vaping. Many B&M vape shops (or vape lounges) offer other services such as a tasting bar or coil building station and where possible, we list information about these offerings in each location.

Dedicated vape stores are generally the best bet for anyone new to vaping, staff in vape shops are normally (but not always) more knowledgeable than in smoke shops. Most shop staff are happy to talk through device/e-liquid options and even help with set up information and advice on how to use your new ecigarette to quit smoking successfully.

If you find a B&M vape shop that we don’t know about, please head over to our add listings page and let us know about it! We do our best to add stores every day, but it’s a big world and occasionally we miss out on things.

Smoke Shops

While we do list vape shops in every country* that has them, we also list smoke shops and tobacconists in many countries around the world. While more and more smoke shops are starting to stock vape gear these days…we know that not every smoke shop sells vape gear at all and so we do our absolute best to make sure that every smoke shop we list does at least carry eliquid at a minimum if you find that the store you went to no longer does, you can easily report the listing to us by using the “Report Listing” button at the bottom of the listing page.

Online Vape Shops

Looking for a particular item and can’t find it in stores? Not able to find a shop near you? Just don’t feel like going down to a B&M shop? We’ve got you covered there too, users can submit online stores too!

how to find online vape stores on our map

You can find all the online stores we list by going to Vapetrotter.com and clicking on the “Online Stores” button on the map. The locations listed are not for visiting though as most won’t have a shopfront, they’re only listed to help give you an idea of shipping times.

If you’re a B&M, or online store owner, please head over to https://vapetrotter.com/directory to claim your store listing and update it with more information such as opening hours and your social media links.

*Due to local laws, Vapetrotter may choose not to list stores in certain countries in an effort to protect the store owners and customers from prosecution

Other Services We Offer

Vaping Legal Information

If you do happen to be travelling outside your home country, it’s always a good idea to be up-to-date with the vape laws wherever you are. A bunch of countries have restrictions on the sale and importation of e-cigarette products, so you probably won’t be able to find anything while you’re there.

Worse than that is that some countries have now made vaping totally illegal, such as Thailand, Singapore, and parts of India and Malaysia.

Well, we also have laws and regulations for every single country on earth, along with more specific information for a number of states and territories such as in the USA, Canada, and Australia.

Vape Laws

Vaping Wiki

New to vaping? Been vaping for long enough to know most of the lingo, but still come across words you don’t know? We started our vaping wiki for you! We’ve written over 220 entries covering everything vape from different threading sizes, to explanations to help you use wattage and voltage properly.

vaping wiki logo vapetrotter wiki

For the more experienced vapers wanting to help out newer users (and help us out too), the wiki itself can be added to by our simply by clicking the “Add an Entry” button on the vape wiki homepage.

Another function of the vaping wiki is to act as a glossary of terms for our news section (where you are now) any terms currently in the wiki will be hyperlinked in all of our articles, and will pop up (on desktop) with a definition when moused over. Try hovering your mouse over these examples:

Clicking any of these terms will then take you to the wiki entry page for more detail and information (clicking works on both mobile devices and desktop).

You can read more about the wiki here and can find the wiki itself here.

Currently living in Sydney Australia, I come from a background in brand marketing and comedy writing. I’ve spent the last 3 years heavily involved in the vape industries of the USA, UK, and Oceania.

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