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Upper Dublin District Challenges Students To A “JUUL”

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Upper Dublin School District bans flash drives as ‘JUULing’ popularity rises among students.

Students in the Upper Dublin School District now have to find another excuse for not having their assignments with them at all times as flash drives are the latest thing to be banned from the district due to the rising concerns of JUULing among its students.

To some this may seem completely outrageous; ludicrous even, but not for the Upper Dublin School Board and parents. They see it as a completely logical decision to remove e-cig look-a like-flash drives (small portable storage units for computers) to keep their children safe.

Flash drives have now become the latest victim in the unwarranted fight against the so called “Evil E-Cig Industry”. The same industry that is successfully combatting the epidemic of tobacco use and its fatal hold on millions around the world, including school students.

Superintendent Deborah Wheeler expressed her concerns of flash drives and their similar design to look like an e-cigarette,  the JUUL to be more specific: a small and sleek device that is easy to conceal in your hand.

JUUL device in hand

The JUUL all-in-one device is not only the most popular device of its kind among smokers trying to quit, but seems to have recently grown in popularity among young people. “JUULing” has become the shorthand term for their use.

“We now understand that ‘JUULing’ devices can now masquerade as flash drives, which can be recharged through devices such as Chromebooks,”

“Part of the beauty of the work we’re doing with Chromebooks is that no one has any need for a flash drive,” she added. “We are working with our faculty and staff to let our students and parents know that flash drives will not be permitted to be used within the schools, and should anyone see one, they may be confiscated.”

There has been considerable concern from parents in the district of students using e-cigarettes.

While it’s firmly agreed that students should not be using nicotine in any form under the legal age, a duty of care to the students and concerns of the parents will be addressed in a meeting held by nonprofit group ‘Narcotics Overdose Prevention & Education’ (NOPE) Task Force who will hold an information session consisting of community leaders and parents whose mission is to combat the illegal use of prescription drugs and narcotics, as well as other abused substances.

While the name of this group and its mission come across as a little extreme, it’s important that the correct education on minors vaping and using tobacco products is executed correctly.

As technology continues to evolve at a rapid rate it is paramount the correct steps are taken in furthering the eduction of the younger generations.

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