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The 4 Most Extravagant Vaping Products You Can Kinda Buy

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There are two kinds of people.

There are people that research the fine details of every product they buy, meticulously watching reviews and comparing specs to ensure that they get the best deal for their money.

On the other hand, there are people that buy mods and tanks like these. The products we buy aren’t just a collection of specs and information thrown into a product. Products are often a social statement.

If you’re a lot richer than I am (or want to save up for a while to buy a mod that works more or less the same as every other mod out there) you might buy one of these. If you’re closer to my neck of the economic climate, this is probably more for entertainment. I’m not trying to place limitations on anyone. If you want a really cool product from this list, by all means, save that money. There’s nothing wrong with splurging sometimes. Treat yo’self.

This list isn’t just about price. There are thousand dollar mods out there that look ridiculously hideous, and I wouldn’t even spend five dollars on them. It’s based on price to a degree, but it’s also based on functionality and aesthetic appeal. It isn’t extravagant if it’s thousands of dollars and doesn’t even work. That’s just a bad, expensive mod. That being said, let’s jump into the list of the most extravagant vaping products money can buy.


asvape lucifer

Asvape Lucifer – $190
You did the research, and you cracked the code. You’ve broken into the underground catacombs of the Illuminati, and in none other than Samuel L. Jackson’s personal chamber of exotic and rare items, you find this: Lucifer by Asvape.

This is obviously a joke (please don’t sacrifice me, Samuel L. Jackson,) but seriously, this vape looks like something mystical that you’d find under similar circumstances. Luckily, instead of risking your life and immortal soul, all you’ll need to buy this vape is an arm and a leg. More specifically, this will cost you $190. As beautiful as this mod is, I’d dare say it’s actually worth it. The bright, beautiful colors and exotic design may make this mod the most beautiful we’ve ever seen.


vicious ant variant slim

Vicious Ant Variant Slim – $550
The Vicious Ant Variant Slim is without a doubt an extremely attractive mod. I wouldn’t say that it’s attractive enough to warrant its $550 price tag, but that isn’t to say it’s not worth the price. The biggest appeal factor with the Vicious Ant Variant Slim is its materials. This bad boy is made from grade 5 aircraft titanium. In this case, $550 gets you a mod that will hold up.

It’s 250W (which is good, but not $550 good,) the firmware isn’t upgradeable, and finding the right battery will be a hassle. It doesn’t support 18650, 20700, 21700, or any battery that vapers are familiar with. It’s a weird little device, but, again, it’s very pretty and very tough. It’s not a practical buy at all, but it’s a great collector’s item.


arrow 22 ti gold

Arrow 22 TI Gold – $300
The arrow 22 TI Gold is a rebuildable, bottom-feeding RDA. You can get a much better RDA (in terms of functionality) for about $15 now. This is from 2013: the vaping days of yore. It has a really cool design, but collectors will be drawn to it due to its limited availability and 24k gold plating. It’s flashy, functional, and freaking expensive, costing $300. You can probably find it for less on a few websites, but it’ll be used. An Arrow 22 TI Gold in mint condition could easily sell for far more.


PGGB VapeWild

PGGB by Vapewild – $500
We’ve saved the most ridiculous entry for last, and this one is actually a juice by none other than VapeWild, a brand known to be rather inexpensive. They broke the mold big time with this $500 dollar bottle of e-liquid. Yes, you read that right. “Why is it so expensive?” you might ask. “It must taste so great.” Yeah, reportedly, it does taste great. However, no one can seem to agree what it tastes like.

There’s a tobacco blend in there as well as some menthol, but aside from that, everyone seems to taste something different. Peanut butter, chocolate, and even beef are flavors people say they taste in this juice, but who’s to say? All Vape Wild has to say is that this is “more than 100% flavor.”


These are the most extravagant vape products on the market. Will you buy any of these? Most likely, no, you won’t.

You do, however, have some luxury items to look forward to once that passive income plan finally takes off.

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