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Review: Suorin Vagon Pod System

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Suorin Vagon Color Options

Product Name: Suorin Vagon

Product Description: The Suorin Vagon has a curvy design and is an all-in-one vape device guaranteed to be a conversation starter. This open pod system is contoured to fit right in the palm of your hand and is very versatile.

Price: $28.99


General overview:

Inhalation Style: Mouth to lung with air activated switch

Available colours: Black, Green, Red, Blue, Gold

Main materials: Diecast metal, ABS

Charging: Micro USB

Size: 105.22  x 25.23  x 17.2mm (measured at maxima)

Pod capacity: 2 ml

Battery: 430mAh

Resistance: 1.3 – 1.4 Ohm

Wick: Cotton

Price: Starter kit $28.99, empty pods $9.99 (2 pack)

Hackable: Absolutely

Suorin Vagon Color Options


User impressions:

Prepare to be surprised when you open the box to your new Suorin Vagon. Well, maybe not so much now that you’ve seen the pictures, but for us, yes, we were surprised. Very surprised. Very pleasantly surprised in fact.

You see, unlike Vapetrotter HQ, the Vapetrotter Testing Facility is located far from the madding crowd – as you might expect of any super secret ultra classified scientific installation. So when we receive packages from VTHQ, we don’t always know what’s going to be in them.

Indeed, this was one of those times. When we first saw the Suorin Vagon, and subsequently held it in our super clinical nitrile-gloved hands, we knew this was something different. It looked like something from the future, and yet it felt like something from the past.

One of our technicians was immediately struck by its resemblance to the hypersonic lifting bodies purportedly being developed by the Lockheed Skunkworks (one of our rival super secret ultra classified scientific installations, also far from the madding crowd).

Another worker was overcome by nostalgic memories of the Hotwheels™ toys of his youth.

Someone else was simply heard to say “diecast metal? WTF??”

Well, we can reveal that it is indeed made from diecast metal, it absolutely resembles a futuristic fuselage design, and yes, it even reminds us of our favourite childhood toys.

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And for all these reasons and more…we absolutely love it!

So apart from all the above, along with the fact that diecast metal construction automatically translates to Infinite Fist Appeal, we can also attest to the fact that the Suorin Vagon starter kit is a first-class vaping device. In fact it’s a bit like a starter kit that’s been to finishing school…so complete is its elegance and refinement.

For starters (no pun intended), it produces the perfect amount of vapor (unlike many others we’ve tested that never actually make it to review). Next there’s the flavour reproduction…rich, smooth, and with vapor that’s not too hot and not too cold…just right again. Refilling the pods is simple and convenient due to the integrated silicon stopper.

Another welcome feature is the coil itself…it’s firmly attached to the terminals and nicely spaced, which makes for easy cleaning and subsequent re-wicking (see hacking details below).

And finally there’s the battery life…also excellent. With 430mAh on tap the mighty Vagon has no trouble lasting all day and then some.

So all in all, the Suorin Vagon starter kit is definitely a worthy contender in the increasingly crowded marketplace of pod devices. And it’s also very nice to see some different ideas being thrown about.

You can purchase direct from the manufacturer’s website here if you like.

Suorin Vagon Green


  • Space age design combined with retro construction …includes elements of Hotwheels™, Matchbox™, Thunderbirds, Jetsons, Futurama, Speed Racer and many more. Capable of inducing a nostalgic response in users from almost any era.
  • Good pocket manners
  • Magnificent flavour reproduction
  • Ample vapor production
  • Simple refilling
  • 100% leak free
  • Abundant battery life thanks to the 430mAh power source
  • *Easily hackable


  • Not a single thing.
  • No wait…wheels. Maybe some wheels for the next model. Detachable ones would be great.

*Hacking possibilities:

Hacking the Suorin Vagon is easy…as long as you’re careful. It’s not strictly necessary to remove the access panel and silicon air flap as we’ve shown in the photos, but it doesn’t hurt to do so as there might be a small amount of liquid lurking, and it’s best to clean that up if it’s there. We surmise a build-up in this area may eventually lead to some gurgling – although this was not apparent with the test unit.

To remove the actual coil base, proceed ONLY from the flat side. Simply insert the end of your tweezers into the tab and lever – gently – until a small gap appears, indicating initial separation of the coil base and the tank. Once the gap is say 0.5mm, insert a knife blade (in the gap) and pop the base with a twist.

With the base released, you’ll notice it’s still held captive by the stem attached to the filler plug – but you can do all you need to do with that in place, so just work around it.

Very simple from here…just pull the old wick, clean the coil with a small brush and run it under some warm water, and finally re-wick – and don’t forget to pre-soak the cotton before reassembly.

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