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Review: Suorin iShare Pod System

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General overview:

Inhalation Style: Mouth to lung with air activated switch

Available colours: Black, white

Main materials: ABS

Charging: Micro USB to power bank. Integrated magnetic terminals for e-cig units

Size: 76.6  x 17.1  x 9.05mm (e-cigs), 85.27 x 44.86 x 21.175mm (power bank)

Pod capacity: 0.9 ml

Battery: Power bank 1400 mAh, e-cigs 130mAh each

Resistance: Futile  Classified  Unknown…but probably around 2 Ohm

Wick: Cotton

Price: Starter kit $44.99, empty pods $3.99 each

Hackable: Easy peezy

suorin ishare with pod removed

User impressions:

Happiness means different things to different people. For some, happiness is as simple as a warm puppy. For others it could be somewhat more nuanced…like justice for all, freedom to express oneself, or witnessing the empirical confirmation of one’s own root assumptions regarding the nature of reality. For beauty pageant contestants, it’s obviously ‘World Peace’, despite the fact that it’s never actually existed.

But if you’re a Pod Enthusiast, I think we can all agree that happiness is never having to worry about your pod battery dying when you’re out conquering the world. Or doing anything else outside the house for that matter.

This is why we were delighted to see that one company – namely SourinUSA out of Gardena, California – have taken the bull by the horns and fixed the problem once and for all.

Their solution is the Suorin iShare pod system, and it’s just…*sigh*….w o n d e r f u l.

As you can see from the photographs, the ‘power base’ holds two identical pods, each with 130mAh batteries, and these can be rotated throughout the day – keeping both at optimal charge levels. The power base holds 1400 mAh, which is enough to keep the average user happily podulating for at least a couple of days between charges.

The advantages of this set up are numerous:

  • Battery life, obviously.
  • Ability to rotate flavors.
  • Reduced size of the e-cig itself. In fact they’re similar in length to an actual cigarette, and lend themselves very nicely to the classic forefinger/middle finger grip. We estimate that these iShare units are between 25 and 40% nattier than standard devices.

As for vapor production, flavor, and general enjoyment from using the iShare…it ranks right up there with the best we’ve tested to date. Can’t really fault a thing about it.

Even the power base itself has a certain undeniable fist-appeal. It’s actually quite satisfying to hold – if only for the fact that in doing so you are reminded of the immense electrical energy you now wield…impervious as you are to that former anguish associated with dead batteries.

What a wonderful world we live in. Thanks, at least in part, to the Suorin iShare…

Available at the product website here

Suorin ishare pod sliding out of charger


Innovative design

Good pocket manners

Excellent flavour

Ample vapor production

*Easily hackable

Relatively leak free

Abundant battery life thanks to the 1400mAh fist-friendly base unit


Power base sometimes needs a couple of taps on the test bench to initiate charging. Note however, that any kind of bench will do.

*Hacking possibilities:

Hacking the Sourin iShare is dead simple. For most of you this will be limited to re-wicking only…unless you happen to have micro-soldering on your CV. Since that doesn’t apply to me, we won’t be doing any soldering today. Nor will there be any ‘soddering’…and on that particular point I think it’s time we all agree that there’s no such word. See pictures below for details on re-wicking, which is a word.


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