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South Australia To Ban All Online Sales and Taste Testing

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The Australian vaping industry has once again been served with a big fat slap in the face by its government as major parties in South Australia have passed some of the toughest regulations to date.

The Tobacco Products Regulation Act (under amendment) will see South Australia be the first jurisdiction to ban sales online or by mail, phone, or email, preventing all interstate and overseas trade.

Leaving no stone unturned, sales via fax have also been included among these amendments passed by both houses of state parliament, due to be finalized next month.

In-store vaping and taste testing will also be banned, forcing people looking to transition off cigarettes to purchase products blind or off vendor recommendations.


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South Australia has been the country’s leader in embracing new forms of tobacco harm reduction – commonly known as ENDS (electronic nicotine delivery systems) – with the highest concentration of vape stores in the nation.

According to Australian Vaping Advocacy Trade and Research (AVATAR), South Australia currently generates approximately $60 million a year in online sales and employs over 200 people.

Not only does this new prohibition raise alarms for public health, but people’s livelihoods are now being threatened by the country’s decision makers, who instead of making well-informed and reasonable decisions, decide to simply recycle the same old nonsense and continue their ignorance towards facts.

“We must think of the children” continues to be the scapegoat for Australian politicians as they hand down tough laws surrounding this industry.

While measures must be put in place to police the underage use of e-cigarette products, it’s evident that the larger population of people in need are still being ignored.

Tobacco remains a significant cause of death and disability in Australia. Around 3.3 million Australians still smoke, and an estimated 15,000 people die each year of smoking-related illness.


Brian Marlow, campaign director for Legalise Vaping Australia.

Brian Marlow, campaign director for Legalise Vaping Australia, is no stranger to dealing with the people who continue to threaten the future of the industry.


“These bans in South Australia will force $60 million worth of local small businesses to close their doors, and lock South Australians out of accessing vaping products that, unlike tobacco, are smoke-free and don’t kill 2 in 3 users. It’s ludicrous.

South Australia could have helped Australia catch up with the rest of the world and legalise these products to help give smokers another aid to quitting.

Instead, the South Australian Government’s short-sighted ban will force retailers to turn smokers away. And now, the Marshall Government’s one-size-fits-all bill, which bans sales online or by mail, phone, email or fax, will deprive thousands of South Australians of a legitimate choice to quit smoking”


It was only a few weeks ago that Health Minister Greg Hunt back flipped and commissioned research on the potential health benefits of e-cigarettes.


“The government will commission independent research in this area, possibly through the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health at the Australian National University,”

“This research would complement the existing research by bodies such as the NHMRC (Nat­ional Health and Medical ­Research Council) and NDARC (National Drug Alcohol Research Centre).”


Now they’re banning it statewide?

There have been no new updates or mentions of this apparent “inquiry”, just more unwelcome regulations and more headaches for the Australian people – Something that we’re becoming all too familiar with as the country continues down its regular path of abundant red tape where it isn’t required.

As the rest of the world continues to embrace and encourage people to use e-cigarettes in a bid to stop smoking,  it’s a classic case of “one step forward, ten steps back” in Australia.

You have to ask yourself… What on earth is going on in Australia?


Currently based in Sydney Australia. Ex-Smoker who has spent the last 3 years heavily involved in the vape industries of the USA, UK, and Australia.. Get In touch, Ryan@vapetrotter.com

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