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Review: SMPO MT Pod System

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SMPO MT Pod System device and box

General overview:

Inhalation Style: Mouth to lung with air activated switch

Available colours: Gunmetal grey

Charging: Proprietary magnetic fitting with male USB plug, full charge in  about 45 minutes

Size: 115 x 19  x 11.5 mm including pod, elliptical shaped pen-style body

Pod capacity: 1.7 mL pre-filled with 5% nicotine salts

Flavours: ‘Original’, Flue-cured, Melon Ice, Strawberry, Mint, Nut Tobacco

Battery: integrated 420 mAH

Power output: up to 12 Watts

Coil: 1.3 Ohm (approx.)

SMPO MT Pod System

User impressions:

Let’s just come out and say it…we LOVE this thing! In fact, the SMPO MT Vape Pen is possibly the best designed & engineered pod system we’ve come across to date. It’s certainly up there with our other main favourite – the Z & G Senses. In fact these two bear more than just a passing resemblance: both have sexy elliptical bodies, magnetic charging sockets, ceramic coils and pre-filled pods. Both are also intended to be ‘closed systems’…although hacking the SMPO MT is thankfully no more difficult than it is with the Z & G Senses. If you’d like to know more on this, see the section below on Hacking Possibilities.

SMPO MT Pod System

Form factor:

This first thing you’ll notice about the SMPO MT is the superb fit & finish of the device. It only comes in one colour (that we know of). It’s a very stylish satin gunmetal affair…the surface of which seems almost magically impervious to scratches. We’ve been throwing ours around every day for several weeks now and it still looks factory fresh, with literally zero signs of use. Another thing we love about it is its magnetic pod retention…the pod virtually slides itself into place with a satisfying ‘clunk’ and stays firmly in place, and due to the precise manufacturing tolerances there is absolutely no wobble between the pod and the body of the unit.


Vaping with the SMPO MT is a pure pleasure. It produces the perfect amount of vapor – considering the fact that this is a pod system designed with reforming smokers in mind, and the flavour reproduction is second to none. We suspect this wonderful richness of flavour is due to the large diameter coil hidden away inside its ceramic shell. Depending on your personal nicotine level, there’s also a very satisfying throat hit (note that testing was done with 18mg freebase after the original nicotine salt juice was used up).

Given its outstanding performance in all categories, combined with very reasonable pricing (starter kit is about $35 and pods about $25 for a 4-pack), the team here at Vapetrotter has awarded the SMPO MT an overall score of 9.16667 out of 10.00000.

SMPO MT Pod System


Elegant, durable design


Richness of flavour

Satisfying to vape  – especially for reforming smokers

Fast charging, excellent battery life

Replacement pods are reasonably priced


Magnetic charge cable requires you to carry it when traveling

SMPO MT Pod System

Hacking possibilities:

To open up the SMPO pod, start by prying off the chrome cap at the base. This can be done with any small tool that fits into the rebate between the lower lip of the chrome and the plastic body of the pod. We found the best tool for this is the can-opener attachment on our 1980’s vintage Wenger Swiss Army Knife (with locking blade, serrated scissors, and PROPER can-opener), since it has a razor sharp edge and allows you to gain leverage against your thumb. If you don’t happen to have a 1980’s vintage Wenger Swiss Army Knife with locking blade serrated scissors and PROPER can-opener, you might want to re-examine your priorities in life and stop blindly responding to all that fancy marketing hype spewed forth by the people at Victorinox. Yes, get yourself a REAL Swiss Army Knife with that old-school quality from the days when they designed things with the actual user in mi……..sorry I digress. So if you have nothing better than a Victorinox, leave it in the draw and just use a small screwdriver. Or the end of an old butter knife. Now, using whatever tool you’ve settled upon (but not the useless Victorinox can-opener…trust me it won’t work), you’ll need to lever the chrome cap up from the left hand side where the fastening tabs are. Do this one at a time from both sides and it will pop straight off. Once the cap is of the rest is easy…disassemble as shown in the photographs, refill with juice, then reassemble.

SMPO MT Pod System


When you have everything apart, you’ll notice there’s a thin piece of felt between the coil body and the clear plastic stop plate. This is a necessary component, so don’t throw it away. We have found however that it’s pretty flimsy and tends to degrade after a couple of refills. The pod will last much longer if you upgrade this to a slightly thicker piece of fabric. The best thing we’ve found is a piece of ‘nubuck’ polishing cloth – the kind of thing that’s usually used for cleaning sunglasses. Simply cut the elliptical profile using the clear plastic stop plate as a template, then punch a hole in the centre and you’re good to go.

Final thought:

The SMPO seems to be reasonably easy to find, but note that in the process of writing this review we came across some pretty good specials at URVaping


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