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SMOK Fit Kit Pod System – Better than Chocolate!

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General overview:

Inhalation Style: Mouth to lung with air activated switch

Available colours: Gunmetal, Vermillion, French Blue

Main material: Anodised alloy

Charging: Micro USB, fast charging – about 45 minutes

Size: 108  x 19  x 9 mm

Pod capacity: 2 mL

Battery: integrated 250 mAh

Coil: 2 Ohm

Wick: Cotton

Hackable: You betcha

SMOK Fit Kit

User impressions:

The SMOK Fit Kit is a slim, compact, beautifully designed pod system. Interestingly, it takes some obvious design cues from the ever popular Kit Kat chocolate wafer bar. Like the Kit Kat, the SMOK Fit Kit sports a pleasing trapezoidal geometry,  h e a v e n l y  flavour, and the deep satisfaction derived from the product’s intended use. It’s worth pointing out however that the SMOK Fit Kit is far more durable than the Nestle offering…and it contains zero carbs. Given the many similarities, we suspect there may have been a faction within the SMOK design department who were hoping to name the device ‘SMOK FitKitKat’, but decided against it given the veritable army of lawyers Nestle must surely have on their payroll.

Since the SMOK Fit Kit system is clearly designed with vaping and not chewing in mind, we draw your attention to the fact that this is indeed a tour de force of small but significant improvements we’ve seen creeping into the latest batch of pod systems as they continue to be developed and enhanced.

Flavour reproduction with the SMOK Fit Kit is nothing short of superb, and this is at least somewhat surprising given the relatively standard cotton/micro coil set up combined with a fairly small expansion chamber and inhalation tube. Still, it is what it is, and the results speak loudly in favour of what is. Vapor production is also brilliant, and noticeably superior to many other devices we’ve tested. Note that the device is capable of producing between 10 and 16W outputs depending on current battery level.

The SMOK Fit Kit also scores high on general usability: charging is rapid and works via a standard micro USB, the device itself is pleasingly solid but also lightweight, and filling is a breeze due to the integrated port with silicon stopper. The kit even comes with a handy needle-tipped filler bottle.

Given all of the above, our team here at the Vapetrotter Testing Labs has awarded the SMOK Fit Kit with an overall score of 10.322 out of 11.


Stylish, durable design.

Rich flavour reproduction

Extremely satisfying  – especially for those looking to quit smoking

Fast charging, ample battery life, pass through charging available

Super simple refilling

Replacement pods are very reasonably priced (approx. $US7 for pack of 3)

Coil can be re-wicked if desired


Nothing that rates as a real ‘con’, but note that the SMOK Fit Kit will consume liquid a little faster than some systems due to its relatively high power output. Take the squeeze bottle with you to nullify this issue.

SMOK® Fit Kit pod

Hacking potential:

The SMOK Fit Kit is fairly straightforward to hack. Removing the coil base is best accomplished with a small curved tool of some description. We recommend using one of those Chinese ear-scraper things that you can buy on eBay. They cost next to nothing and should be part of every pod hacking enthusiast’s toolkit anyway (see photos for an example of this tool). To remove the base, simply slide the tool past the silicon seal and pull straight out. Do not attempt to lever the thing out as this will almost certainly lead to deformation of the transparent pod body – it’s made of a more flexible plastic than you may be used to dealing with. Once separated, you’ll notice that the components are very similar to the Wismec MyJet system, and recoiling is the same. After removing the old gunky wick, it’s good practice to run the coil under some hot water while gently brushing with a soft mascara brush (again…ebay…you need one of these too). Better yet, a dental water pick using hot water obviates the need for brushing and hence reduces the risk of coil damage at this step.

As for replacing the coil…it can be done, but be warned: it’s fiddly. This requires a bit of explaining that quite frankly I’m not in the mood for right now, so if you’d like to know the correct procedure, please see the hacking section of our earlier Wismec myJet review here.

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