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Review: Wellon Ripple Pod System

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Wellon Ripple Kit

General overview:

Inhalation Style: Mouth to lung with skin sensing switch

Available colours: Black, Gold, Rose gold, Silver

Main materials: Anodised alloy, ABS, Glass, Magnets

Charging: Micro USB, fast charging – about 60 – 70 minutes

Size: 80  x 30.5  x 16.5mm

Pod capacity: 2 mL

Battery: integrated 650 mAh

Coil: 1.4 Ohm

Wick: Permeable Ceramic

Hackable: No

Wellon Ripple Pod System

User impressions:

The Wellon Ripple is an interesting pod system, being the first we’ve seen with a skin activated switch. This operates via metallic tabs on each side of the mouthpiece, which when contacted by the user’s lips initiates a galvanic response that fires the coil.

Whilst this is different to the more usual air activated switch, functionality remains the same…so this can’t really be called a selling feature. Unless of course the catchy slogan “Just one kiss & enjoy a great vape” was hatched ahead of the actual product design.

As for actual vaping, we’d call it reasonable, but for a mouth to lung device it is [very] airy. This can be adjusted [slightly] by gripping the entire device in the fist to limit air flow, but even then the vapor production is a little disappointing considering the 650mAh battery and 1.4Ohm coil.

On the plus side, it does have outstanding battery life, an ultra-durable ceramic coil, and zero leak performance.

As it stands however, the Ripple will not be taking on the Rulers Of The Podiverse. Mind you, if the designers paid a bit more attention to airflow, as opposed to the gimmicky galvanics, it could have been truly awesome.

Kind of a shame really.

Ripple Pod


Rugged, durable design

Zero leaks

Excellent battery life with 650 mAh

Super simple refilling

Wellon Ripple with pod removed


Relatively high air flow may not suit everyone’s taste

Flavour & vapor are both somewhat muted

Kit sells for $39…in our opinion a little high for this device

Replacement pods retail at $9 each


Manufacturer website: https://www.wellontech.com/product/ripple-kit/

Sold by: https://www.vaporlivingwholesale.com/collections/wellon

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