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Public Health England Recommends Vaping In Hospitals

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Public Health England (PHE) are really sticking it to the Negative Nelly’s recently, urging hospitals to not only sell e-cigarettes but also allow patients to vape in their beds. Yes, vaping in hospitals is now a thing.

This statement was part of PHE’s latest independent review into the evidence about e-cigarettes earlier today.

Martin Dockrell, tobacco control lead for PHE, said:

“We are saying no smoking anywhere on the grounds, no smoking in the smoking shelter – that shelter becomes a vaping shelter.”

What a fantastic and extremely commendable move by PHE. They continue to lead the charge by now endorsing e-cigarettes as the most effective quitting aid in the very environment that treats people among the thousands who’ve become victims of tobacco.

Vaping zones for hospitals

Smoking has always been very prevalent in and around the grounds of hospitals, and it’s a truly damning sight to see people of all ages in their hospital gowns sucking back a lung buster before the nurses return for the hourly check-up.

What’s even worse is the number of nurses and doctors that sneak a cigarette on breaks, only to return smelling like they have had a fight with a bottle of perfume in the hopes to disguise the shocking smell.

Personally, it really bothered me back then when I was extremely ill and had to spend a few days in hospital. The smell on the nurses made me go to extreme lengths to sneak out and suck back as much of a cigarette as possible before getting caught. No matter how sick someone may be, addiction is addiction.

Can you imagine how the patients that don’t smoke must feel?

Had I known then what I know now about vaping – along with the freedom to be able to vape in my hospital room – I wouldn’t have been constantly taking the drip out of my arm to waddle out to the carpark to get a nicotine hit in the deadliest way.

You might laugh when you see someone huddling in a hospital gown sucking back cigarette after cigarette, but it’s a real problem, and it’s a real problem that can be totally solved by taking a leaf out of Public Health England’s book of common sense.

joker vaping hospital

Make sure you read the Evidence review of e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products 2018. A report commissioned by Public Health England.


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