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Philippines DOH Is Being Pressured To Endorse Vaping

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The Philippines Department of Health is currently being urged to include vaping and e-cigarettes in the country’s tobacco control program by several prominent vaping groups.

With the latest Public Health England (PHE) report validating the position that many in the vaping community have taken for some time – that e-cigarettes are far less harmful than smoking – it would make sense that e-cigarettes should play a vital role in any country’s tobacco control or harm reduction program.

Prof. John Newton, director for Health Improvement of Public Health England (PHE), said vaping was found to be “95 percent less harmful” than cigarette smoking. Public Health England now recommended that e-cigarettes be made available at hospital shops for smokers who want to quit.

“Listen to the experts. It is time for the Department of Health to look into this report so that they can recommend e-cigarettes and heated-tobacco products to smokers who want to quit,” – Tom Pinlac, president of the The Vapers Philippines. He also added it is an outrage that smokers are denied the proper information about e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products, saying “Educate smokers about vaping and heated-tobacco products instead of resorting to fearmongering.”

“More than 17 million Filipino smokers can benefit from vaping e-cigs or other heated-tobacco products because they are significantly less harmful than smoking” said Edward Gatchalian, president of Philippine E-juice Manufacturers Association, also stating “87,000 deaths every year are attributed to smoking-related diseases. Smokers should switch to vaping or tobacco-heated products if they want [to] kick the habit of smoking. This is a very clear message embodied in the PHE report.”

A note from our editor:

Currently, twenty eight percent or 17.3 million Filipino adults aged 15 years and over are current full-time smokers. In a 2009 study following Filipino adults who smoked 12 months prior, 48 percent made a quit attempt while only 5 percent successfully managed to quit, and with 87,000 deaths attributed to smoking each year it’s blatantly obvious that something really has to change.

The Philippines are one of our top visitors here at Vapetrotter (hey guys!), so it’s very clear to us that Filipinos really do want to see vaping becoming more prominent in their country.

I’ve been to The Philippines a number of times now and the prevalence of smoking is staggering, and with the rock bottom prices of cigarettes there it’s amazing that vaping could even make the slightest dent.

But it’s done more than that; these days you’ll find passionate groups of likeminded people fighting for their right to a healthier choice, and you’re never far away from a vape shop. Just look at our map:

vape philippines

People smoke for the nicotine fix, not for the tar or the thousands of other chemicals in traditional cigarette smoke.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people believe that nicotine is dangerous or carcinogenic. In reality, nicotine causes little, if any of the harm that traditional cigarettes cause for their users, and it’s the thousands of other chemicals either present in tobacco or created as a byproduct of burning tobacco that causes tobacco-related disease and kills thousands upon thousands of people each year.

E-cigarettes do not produce smoke. They also do not involve the burning of plant material, releasing thousands of chemicals in the name of delivering nicotine. They cut out all of the garbage and deliver the desired chemicals (nicotine and flavorings, depending on brand and personal taste).


Currently located in Sydney, Australia, I have been vaping since 2009 and became active in the e-cigarette industry in late 2015. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of visiting over 700 shops in 6 countries.

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