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New York Is Set To Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes To Curb Teenage Uptake

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions in this guest piece do not necessarily reflect those of Vapetrotter.com or its partners.

If you’re a newcomer, you may be surprised by the sheer number of rules and regulations that come with using e-cigarettes.

As vaping has grown in popularity, more rules have been put in place for it, and these vary wildly from place to place. For example, there are some places in the world where you can face years in prison for vaping, and in some places you can bring your own equipment but can’t buy it there legally.

Lately, it seems that many places across the United States of America – New York included – will be next in line to change their vaping regulations, arguably for the worse.

According to the New York Times, the Food and Drug Administration are planning on banning the sale of flavored e-cigarettes in shops across the country. You may be wondering, “why flavored ones in particular?”.

Well, the FDA feel as if flavored e-cigarettes have made vaping popular amongst minors, leading them to become addicted to nicotine. A third of youths surveyed said flavors were indeed a big part of their decision to try vaping, the most popular of these flavors being mango, fruit, crème, and cucumber. The full plans for the new legislation will be released next week.


Proposed Legislation

Other than banning retail stores and petrol stations from selling flavored vape cartridges, the FDA also want to make it harder for minors to purchase the e-cigarettes themselves from stores.

Vape stores in New York City will be expected to invest in sophisticated ID-scanning technology – including facial recognition – before they can sell their products. Although the legislation hasn’t been fully revealed yet, it could be the possible that flavored vapes will be allowed back in the city eventually, as long as the stores are able to prove they have this technology in place.



There will also be changes in the online promotions of vaping products. One company, Juul, has taken down its Facebook and Instagram accounts, as it was thought this was tapping into the younger demographic. However, they said they wouldn’t stop adult online influencers from promoting the use of switching from traditional cigarettes to vaping in their effort to give up smoking.



However, it seems as if not all flavored vapes are going to be banned. for example, mint and menthol is likely going to be exempt from the new law. This is due to concerns that smokers would return to menthol cigarettes if they didn’t have a vape equivalent of it. After all, a lot of people who vape do so in order to help them quit smoking and control their nicotine addiction.


Matthew Grahams is freelance journalist with a strong interest in the world of technology and finance. After graduating with a degree in economics from Durham University, he went on to work in The City for a couple of years, before turning to researching and writing about upcoming trends in the industry for a number of publications. Outside of work he can be found walking his Border Collie along the local coastal cliffs near his house.

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