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Nearly A Quarter Of High-School Students Reportedly Using E-Cigarettes

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North Attleboro High School in Massachusetts, United States is voicing its concern over the number of students who are vaping increases rapidly, failing to mention that cigarette smoking is rapidly declining.

To many their standalone concern may seem like quite a confronting thought, and North Attleboro High School is coming to terms with the fact that the appeal of e-cigarettes among students is more of a growing fad, and not their intended purpose as an alternative nicotine delivery method.

North Attleboro High School administrators have said students used to get caught “vaping” electronic cigarettes once in a great while, but it’s now becoming a more regular situation.

“In Massachusetts, nearly a quarter of high-school students reported using vape pens and e-cigarettes and nearly half have tried those products at least once,”

spokeswoman Ann Scales said.

“More high school students used e-cigarettes than all other tobacco products combined, and they used them nine times more often than adults.”

This is an alarming revelation, and it’s vital that parents and teachers receive education on how to best deal with this issue.

We also need to shine a light on a couple of points:

Firstly, Where are the parents and why are they not prohibiting this more effectively? The minimum smoking age throughout Massachusetts is 18, and over 100 cities including Boston have raised this to 21, meaning that they’re getting these products illegally. No matter how good I thought I was at hiding contraband, my mom always found it. Remember, we are talking about high school students.

Secondly, there’s a big chance that these parents are actually buying these products for their children after discovering a packet of cigarettes. While teens vaping may seem like a stupid thing on the surface, if they’re doing it instead of smoking carcinogenic cigarettes I don’t see the problem.

Sadly, we’re well aware that age restrictions like 18+ or 21+ don’t make it impossible to get your hands on certain products as a minor.

We’ve all been there, going to great lengths asking older strangers to buy us liquor or even a packet of smokes. That was my generation, and nothing ever stopped me from getting what I wanted. Often, time and persistence was the only way I could get a packet of smokes, but surely enough I got it.

Had I been given the option to purchase a vape, well, I’m sorry to the anti-vapers out there, I’d choose an e-cigarette, and i’d even do the same for my children if I ever found a packet of cigarettes in their bag.

In saying that, it’s agreed that vaping must hold the same disciplinary rules and punishments as smoking cigarettes at school.

We have to start being grateful for the amount of good e-cigarettes have already contributed to the people we love. We have to start acknowledging the thousands of hours and billions of dollars allocated into research and executed studies.

If vaping is keeping our children away from tobacco, then I have to say its a win.

Not a small win, a big one.

For more information on vaping, read the 2018 evidence review on Cigarettes by Public Heath England.

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