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myJET pod system by Wismec

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myjet in the hand

General overview:

Inhalation Style: Mouth to lung with air activated switch

Available colours: Any colour you like as long as it’s black

Charging: Proprietary magnetic fitting with male USB plug, full charge in 30-45 minutes

Size: 105 x 19  x 10 mm including pod, rounded edges

Pod capacity: 1.2 mL

Battery: integrated 350 mAH

Coil: 1.3 Ohm Kanthal

User impressions:

Our first impression of the myJET was that it’s a no-nonsense, well made, lightweight, and overall a very convenient unit. After some initial teething problems with the pod design that caused minor leakage, Wismec made some modifications that have completely eliminated those issues. As a result, the new pods seal perfectly, are easy to refill, and they last a considerable length of time before requiring a new wick (see below for hacking possibilities).

As for performance, the myJET scores high on several counts. For instance, juice flavour is excellent, vapor production is optimal, and throat hit (remember when that was a big thing?) is as close to a cigarette as anything we’ve ever tested. For this last reason alone, the myJET would be an excellent choice for anyone wanting to quit smoking and make the switch to vaping.

myjet kit


Simple, durable design

Easy refilling

Satisfying to vape on – especially for reforming smokers

Fast charging, ample battery life

Can be re-wicked if/when necessary

Replacement pods are reasonably priced (about $20 per pack of 5)

myjet charging


Magnetic charge cable requires you to carry it when traveling

Hacking possibilities:

Firstly, a word of advice on refilling:

When installing the atomiser section for the first time (ie. a brand new pod that has never been refilled) be sure to lubricate the silicon seal where it contacts the inner surface of the pod with a drop or two of juice. If you forget to do this, chances are when you come to refill it later, the atomiser will be very tight and in nearly every case it WILL partially disassemble itself upon removal. Usually this involves the steel heat shield separating itself from its seating, the large rectangular silicon seal flying off with it, and in some cases even the coil itself is destroyed. It’s just something to be aware of, and remember that a quick smear of juice on the seals will stop this from ever happening.


myjet rewicking

Firstly, taking care to avoid dry hits will greatly extend the life of both coil and wick, however it’s been our experience that even a single dry hit is enough to burn through the wick and render it unusable. On the bright side however, this makes it much easier to remove the wick from the coil – since it will be weakened or even broken in the centre – and can be pulled free without excessive transverse force being applied to the coil.

Once you’ve removed the old wick, it’s a good idea to clean up the coil a bit by removing the large silicon seal and heat shield to expose the coil on its posts. Be careful when removing the heat shield so as not to squeeze it out of shape. We’ve found the best approach is to use needle nose pliers – but only grip on side of the steel (from above). Gripping the whole thing from both sides will almost certainly crush it to some extent. Once you have the coil exposed, it can be cleaned up easily by running it under hot water while rubbing (gently!) with your fingers. We’ve also found that a dental ‘water pick’ running a hot high pressure stream works wonders without any rubbing.

myjet pod breakdown


Believe it or not, it is possible to re-coil a myJET by ‘uncrimping’ the posts. We know this because we are coil nerds at heart, and these are just the kind of boundaries we like to push in our pursuit of pointless pedantry. If you want to try this, simply apply pressure orthogonally across the existing crimp using needle nose pliers to open up the hole on top of the posts. If done correctly, this will free the old coil from its bonds and allow you to insert a replacement. We recommend brandishing the shiny new coil high above your head so that it glints in the setting sun whilst declaring “and here’s one I made earlier”. Of course this incantation is not strictly necessary, but if you’re going to all this trouble you might as well make a production out of it. Also, if you are going to re-coil one of these things, do yourself a favour and use stainless steel…that way it will last a lot longer. We recommend the use of this brilliant coil building calculator – http://www.steam-engine.org/coil.html

myjet pod breakdown

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VaporDNA myJET

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