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Mentally Unstable Man Force-Fed Vape Liquid To His 9-Week-Old Baby

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Earlier this week a Winsconsin man was taken into custody, accused of child abuse after prosecutors say he dripped e-liquid into his baby boy’s mouth, who is only 9 weeks old.

Vape Liquid Baby

It takes a special kind of evil – or a previously unimaginable level of instability – to do something as heinous as forcing a 9-week-old baby to consume a liquid designed for use in an e-cigarette.

Regardless of whether this particular e-liquid had nicotine in it or not, it is not designed for consumption by a minor.

The incident happened on Thursday this week, where a witness claims she was woken by screams of “oh my god! What did you do? What did you do?” and notified the authorities.

When authorities arrived at the scene in Racine, Wisconsin they discovered the infant in a bedroom with his father, Dustin Appenzeller. The infant was foaming at the mouth and supposedly having a seizure.

When they questioned the father as to what happened, he admitting to having given the child “a couple drops” of e-liquid. When they questioned him as to why, he simply responded “I don’t know. He was crying. I was really tired.”

According to Appenzeller, this is not even the first time he has force-fed the child e-liquid.

We hope this man finds himself behind bars for quite some time, and we truly hope that child can enjoy a bright future without him.

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