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LADbible Is Badly Researched Parasitic Clickbait

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It goes without saying that people enjoy reading news stories that embellish the truth for entertainment purposes. This is where the saying “never let the truth get in the way of a good story” comes from.

We all have that one friend who stands up and takes control of the room, emotionally narrating a fantastic account of events that doesn’t even closely resemble what really happened.

Admittedly we probably encourage it for a while. Usually this is because we assume they’re not intentionally setting out to change people’s opinions by blatantly lying, but rather they’re simply dramatizing their side of the story for impact.

We live in a world where information is very, very easily accessible.

The mass media engine controls our day-to-day lives even when we think they aren’t. A single headline, tweet or news report can spread like wildfire and send a population into a meltdown.

In an alarming amount of cases, this is to manipulate people into believing their lies simply because they know very few people will truly search for facts. They don’t even need to reference anything to support their false claims anymore, because most people will just see the title flash through their news feed.

There isn’t one person who can say they haven’t fallen victim to – or been influenced by – a headline, even if it’s only a subconscious connection. Misleading headlines can make people subconsciously feel more positive or negative towards a subject, often without even reading the story behind the headline.

This is why the misleading headline is such a valuable tool for these parasitic so-called “news” organizations, like LADbible.

Now, it becomes an entirely different problem when these online publications have a following in the tens of millions and they start silencing anyone who tries to correct the dangerous or misleading propaganda they spew incessantly day in and day out.

An example of this was seen last night when two writers from Vapetrotter attempted to post a reply to the article by LADbible “Vaping Causes Cancer, Says New E-cigarette Research“, which falsely claimed that vaping causes cancer.

Within seconds of posting our replies, we were reported to Facebook as spammers and our messages were deleted by LADbible. Apparently free speech doesn’t apply if you are trying to use it to disagree with someone bigger than you. Go figure.

Their badly researched, clickbait article didn’t even link to a study. It linked to the little-known, but “highly respected” medical journal, the “Daily Mail Australia“.

But hey, at least the Daily Mail linked to the research, didn’t they?

Nope, they didn’t link to any research either.

Here’s a link to the actual research since the parasitic press don’t seem to want anyone to find it:

E-cigarette smoke damages DNA and reduces repair activity in mouse lung, heart, and bladder as well as in human lung and bladder cells

Here’s a link to an actual, respected organization, Cancer Research UK, commenting about these pathetic clickbait articles like the dribble LADbible published:

Headlines saying ‘vaping might cause cancer’ are wildly misleading“.

It might surprise you to know that the Cancer Research UK article links to the actual research paper in its first paragraph, but LADbible and the Daily Mail both failed to link to it even once.

Angus and Ryan – the two writers who were immediately marked as spam by LADbible’s Thought Police last night – weren’t the only ones.

A closer look at the unfiltered comments on the post showed hundreds and hundreds of comments from people refuting the article, all marked as “spam” because they threatened to expose LADbible’s lack of substance – and would expose them for the parasites they are – praying on the uninformed to steer opinions to support their agenda.

Here’s how to look at those:

how to see unfiltered comments

Here is a small selection of the commentators who LADbible tried to silence. Unfortunately we don’t have the space to give them all a voice.

As you’ll see, they didn’t just silence the people correcting their article, it seems they chose to silence anyone who had anything positive to say about vaping or e-cigarettes!






This article was written as a collaboration by two prolific Facebook spammers, Angus McKay and Ryan Gelbart.



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