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Review: Kado Stealth Pod System

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Kado Stealth Review

General overview:

Inhalation Style: Mouth to lung with air activated switch

Available colours: Blue, Champagne, Green, Gunmetal, Red

Charging: Micro USB plug, full charge in 45 – 60 minutes

Size: 80 x 45  x 10 mm including pod, rounded edges with asymmetrical design

Pod capacity: 2 mL

Battery: integrated 450 mAH

Power output: 8W

Coil: Approx 1.2 Ohm Kanthal

Kado Stealth Pod

User impressions:

As the name suggests, The Kado Stealth is stealthy…at least visually. From an auditory perspective however, not so stealthy. Oh it’s as quiet as all the others when drawing, but as soon as you stop there’s a pronounced ‘sizzle’ from the coil. It’s somewhat reminiscent of that turbo waste-gate noise you hear whenever a heavily tattooed Millennial drives past in a car that only vaguely resembles what it looked like when it left the factory in Japan. For those who prefer normally aspirated vaping however, the sound effects may be a little off putting. We can only surmise that the Kado people were aiming to create a kind of ‘sleeper’ by combining stealthy visuals with a head-turning sound track. On the other hand, if they were hoping to become the pod of choice for clandestine intelligence agencies, they should probably do something about that noise.

Kado Stealth Pod

As for actual usage, we quite like the Kado Stealth. The things we like the most are its excellent battery life – well over a full day of vaping; the discreet form factor – fits easily in the palm and comfortably in the pocket; and finally the convenient filling port on the pod which has a captive silicon plug. Vapor production is about equal to what we’ve come to expect from modern pods, however flavour reproduction leaves a bit to be desired. We should point out that the manufacturer specifies the design was intended for nicotine salts between 30 – 60mg, whereas we’ve been using normal juices at 18mg. It’s doubtful that any of that affects flavour though. After all, the angry end is still just a standard cotton wicked coil of about 1.2 Ohm pulling about 8W.

Overall, we’re giving the Kado Sleath a score of 6.933 out of 10. It’s a handy little device with great battery life and some interesting quirks. With a few minor improvements in the areas of noise reduction and flavour enhancement, a future 2.0 version could be truly outstanding.

Kado Stealth pod system


Build quality – Zinc alloy with rubber insert aiding grip

Easy refilling via integrated silicon plug (with retainer)

Fast charging, excellent battery life

Large juice capacity

Portability – fits nicely in a pocket

Kado Stealth


Corner mounted vapor port takes some getting used to

Opaque pod makes it hard to gauge juice level – clear would be better

Noise production exceeds flavour reproduction

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