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KAC Announce Twenty $10,000 Scholarships For Tobacco Harm Reduction

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Following on from the success of the inaugural Global Tobacco Harm Reduction Scholarships, Knowledge Action Change (KAC) are pleased to announce the call for proposals for the second round of scholarships.

There will be twenty scholarships, each valued at $10,000, which will also include attendance to the Global Forum on Nicotine Conference in Warsaw next June, along with a comprehensive induction programme for entrants into the field.

We particularly encourage applications from lower and middle-income countries.

Last year’s scholarships covered a wide range of topics including social media projects, genetic research, demonstration projects for working with homeless smokers, tobacco harm reduction and mental health, and tobacco cultivation.

The deadline for proposals is 15th January 2019.

Further information and an online application process can be found by clicking the photo below.


Scholarships Knowledge Action Change (KAC)


We are seeking proposals that will make a real difference.

The scholarships are intended to build research capacity in the field of tobacco harm reduction; to develop and promote the evidence base, and to raise public awareness and understanding so that people can make more informed decisions.

Recent years have seen advances in the scientific understanding of products used for tobacco harm reduction, including laboratory-based and clinical studies of their effects and safety, behavioural studies of how and why they are used in different populations and contexts, epidemiological studies into patterns of use, and the relationship between the use of these products and changes in tobacco smoking.

There is an increasing understanding of the range of appropriate and effective evidence-based regulation and standards for harm reduction products, and of harm reduction strategies and policies.

However, on a global basis, scientific capacity for research on tobacco harm reduction and related products is not evenly distributed, and there is considerable variation in the use of evidence to establish effective and appropriate public health policies.

In addition, despite there being strong evidence for the effectiveness of a tobacco harm reduction approach, public understanding of the evidence base and its implications for both policy and personal health choices is limited.

This scholarship programme aims to redress this imbalance. We expect proposals to be modest, but achievable.

They will be assessed for their potential significance in advancing the field.

Best of luck to all entrants!

Currently based in Sydney Australia. Ex-Smoker who has spent the last 3 years heavily involved in the vape industries of the USA, UK, and Australia.. Get In touch, Ryan@vapetrotter.com

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