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It’s Never Too Late To Start Vaping. Here’s Why.

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The first step to making the switch to vaping is acknowledging that you are ready and willing to make the change.

News Years resolutions can go unfilled, unnoticed, and (most of the time) they can drag on once the fireworks light up the sky and your cigarette fix is in arms reach.

Like fast food, cigarettes are highly convenient and addictive products that provide minimal hassle and barrier-to-entry for the consumer.

Short term deliciousness, long term regret.

Although extremely easy and reliable, there are serious consequences to smoking.

Think of the transition into vaping as if you are embarking on a diet to look and feel good for the summer.

Making a conscious change over to a healthy diet means less eating out at the local succulent Chinese joint and buying less processed foods. Basically, beginning to dedicate more time in preparing wholesome food that not only nourishes your body but fuels your body also.

Vaping will take just a little time to get the hang of, as its not as convenient as lighting up a smoke or buying a Double Quarter Pounder from Ronald Mc. You-Know-Who.

It’s also a period of time to educate your self on the benefits of  making lifestyle changes to improve your health. If you eat right and exercise you will begin to trim down and feel better. Fact. Same goes with switching to vaping.

Cigarette timeline for quitting

When you stop smoking, after as little as one day, a person’s blood pressure begins to drop, decreasing the risk of heart disease from smoking-induced high blood pressure.

In this short time, a person’s oxygen levels will have risen, making physical activity and exercise easier to do, promoting heart-healthy habits.

Two Birds with one stone I say!

The above video is a perfect “How to” introduction to vaping and how to use these products effectively and efficiently.

Most importantly, to really master and beat any of these obstacles you must be realistic in choosing a time that works for you.

Never be afraid to seek help or advice by simply walking into a local vape shop. The staff will always be more than happy to help you out, no matter how “new” you think you are.

Good Luck!

Currently based in Sydney Australia. Ex-Smoker who has spent the last 3 years heavily involved in the vape industries of the USA, UK, and Australia.. Get In touch, Ryan@vapetrotter.com

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