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Is Vaping Affecting Our Fury Friends?

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Lets face it, Dogs can be pretty hilarious and playful when they see a big cloud of Vape. Perhaps this is where the term “Cloud Chaser” came from.

Dogs will hop around frantically biting down on the evaporating clouds of second hand vape, wondering where all the deliciousness is disappearing to. But the real issue and question so many people with pets want answers for, is the second hand vapor bad for their pets?

Lets break it down.

It’s safe to say that every label on your e-juice bottles clearly state: “keep away from children and pets”. If it doesn’t, it’s probably best to keep away from yourself too.

Although propylene glycol (PG) is recognized as safe for humans and most pets, most e-juices will contain nicotine, which if consumed, can be extremely dangerous for kids as well as our beloved pets.

Even if you’re not blowing out big clouds around your doggo, their sharp teeth will tear just about anything apart if you leave the bottle around them, so common sense must come into play when leaving bottles of juice around the house.

You wouldn’t want to come home to see your dog like this, would you?

Dog smoking Pipe Vape

It’s a known fact that passive smoking (second-hand smoke) is extremely harmful to people due to the thousands of dangerous chemicals from burning tobacco cigarettes, and the same goes for our pets.

A number of scientific studies show that pets that have the horrible misfortune of living in a house with cigarette smokers had higher instances of the following diseases:

  • Respiratory problems in dogs
  • Asthma-like symptoms in cats
  • Excess salivation
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Cardiac abnormalities
  • Lung or nasal cancer in dogs
  • Mouth and lymph node cancer in cats
  • Feline lymphoma in cats

While e-cigarettes don’t have these tens of thousands of chemicals because they’re not burning tobacco, it’s still very much a hot debate on whether one should take advantage of exposing their companions to second hand vapor.

Well, the probability of sickness from inhalation is slim to none, with the only evidence of animals having been affected by vape products being when nicotine has actually been ingested.

Common sense is the key to keeping our pets safe. Better safe than sorry.

Simple, all you need to do is “keep away from children and pets”.

Like vaping in public, it’s up to the individual to show some courtesy to the bystanders that could potentially cop a cloud of vapor to the face. Same goes for our pets. I’m sure if they could talk they would let you know they probably don’t enjoy a huge waft of vapor.

Even if lemon tart might disguise their dog breath!



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