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Review:IQ LEVEL Pod System – Smarter than a Juul!

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IQ LEVEL       

General overview:

Inhalation Style: Mouth to lung with air activated switch

Available colours: Black

Charging: Proprietary magnetic base cable, fast charging – about 30 minutes

Size: 110 x 16  x 6.5 mm including pod. Ultra portable.

Pod capacity: 0.9 mL pre-filled with 5% nicotine salts

Flavours: Tobacco, Blueberry, Strawberry, Menthol

Battery: Integrated 200 mAH

Coil: 1.8 Ohm

User impressions:

The Vape Smart IQ Level pod system is a masterpiece of simplicity, functionality, and elegance. As soon as you pick one up for the first time you’ll know what we mean. It’s sleek and lightweight with a lightly striated finish that’s virtually impervious to scratching. Even the packaging shows outstanding quality – especially the box that the pods come in, which is a charming little book-alike affair complete with nubuck polishing cloth.

In terms of form factor the IQ Level could be compared to the universally popular Juul pod system – although we venture to say the IQ Level is superior in almost every way that counts. For instance it has a larger pod capacity, greater vapor production, much better flavour, and of course a higher ‘IQ level’. Battery life is commensurate with size and naturally represents a trade-off with the IQ Level’s ultra-thin dimensions. We have found however that the battery will outlast a full juice pod, and if using the 50mg nicotine salt that probably represents a full day for most people anyway.

After using the IQ Level every day for the past week, we can confidently say it’s earned a place among our all-time favourite pod systems.



Simple, durable design

Low price ($29.99 from iVapeIQ)

100% leak free

Hackable (in every way…refilling, re-wicking, and re-coiling)

Richness of flavour

Extremely satisfying – especially for those looking to quit smoking

Super fast charging, adequate battery life

Replacement pods are reasonably priced ($9.99 for pack of 3 from iVapeIQ)


Magnetic charge cable requires you to carry it when traveling

IQ LEVEL Pod broken down

Hacking possibilities:

Like many of these new pod systems, the IQ Level is pretty easy to refill. Unlike many of the others though, it can also be re-wicked and/or re-coiled without too much fiddling.

Popping the bottom cap off the pod is simply a matter of squeezing a sharp knife blade between the cap and casing, then twisting until you can pull it free. Once you have it open, the rest of the parts can be removed by coaxing with tweezers. Don’t be put off by the size of the parts: they may be small but will all fit back together beautifully if you’re careful. See the attached images…you’ll easily work things out from there. Note that in the example we’ve replaced both coil and wick (using 6 wraps of 0.2mm stainless wire around 1.5mm solid Ecowool – just for the hell of it). The whole operation took less than 3 minutes, and it vapes perfectly.

Vaping since 2008. Ex-smoker, pod enthusiast, professional hermit.

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