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Review: Vape Smart IQ 3SECS Pod System

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Hangsen IQ 3 Secs

General overview:

Inhalation Style: Mouth to lung with air activated switch

Available colours: Black, White, Black & Gold

Charging: Micro USB, fast charging – about 45 minutes

Size: 108  x 36  x 10.3 mm

Pod capacity: 2 mL

Battery: integrated 400 mAh

Coil: 2 Ohm

User impressions:

The Vape Smart IQ 3SECS pod system is indeed a stylish, high end affair. Visually, it’s the vaping equivalent of an iPhone, and has all the attendant panache that this entails. Like the iPhone, it’s slim, comfortable to hold, and has ultra-civilised pocket manners, and it even features a front mounted screen and rear facing camera! Ok, so the screen isn’t quite as big as the Apple one and the camera is actually a viewing port for the juice pod, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pretend to snap pictures with it if you happen to be in a playful mood.

As far as actual vaping goes, the IQ 3SECS is like a dream come true. The draw is silky smooth, flavour delivery is superb, the 400mAh battery lasts all day long, it’s refillable by design, and it doesn’t leak even a single molecule of juice. What more could a vaper want? What about hackability? Well it’s got that too…see the section below for more details.

IQ 3secs device and pod


Stylish, durable design

Rich flavour reproduction

Extremely satisfying  – especially for those looking to quit smoking

Fast charging, long battery life, pass through charging available

Replacement pods are reasonably priced (approx. $7 for pack of 2)

Pods are easily re-wicked/re-coiled


Hipsters will covet the device as a fashion accessory, so never leave the 3Secs unattended at outlets that offer needlessly complicated coffee options.

iq 3secs pod broken down into parts

Hacking opportunities:

The IQ 3SECS is a pod hacker’s dream…in fact it’s almost as if the good people at Vape IQ designed it with tinkerers in mind. To access the wick & coil, simply remove the two Phillips head screws at the base of the pod, et voila!…the rest is a breeze. See the attached pictures for an example of how we replaced the standard wick and coil with stainless wire and an ultra-durable ekowool braided silica wick.

iq 3secs pod atomizer section
iq 3secs atomizer coil and ekowool wickiq 3secs recoil bottom section of atomizer

Vaping since 2008. Ex-smoker, pod enthusiast, professional hermit.

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