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How Long Does E-liquid Actually Last?

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How long will a bottle of e-liquid take me to vape?

Obviously, this is totally dependent on how much e-liquid you have to start with. A 30ml bottle will be used up quicker than a 120ml bottle.

How long an e-liquid bottle will last is also dependent on how often and at what wattage you vape. Chain vaping (vaping constantly throughout the day) and vaping at higher power/lower ohms can go through e-liquid much faster than you’d think.


fuel gauge showing and empty tank


How long your tank lasts between fills also depends on the nicotine level you vape at. Higher levels generally require less power and less use to satisfy your cravings. Nicotine level plays a roll in dictating what wattage you will vape at and what resistance coil you use. You wouldn’t vape 50mg nicotine salts using a 0.1 ohm dripper, just as most people probably wouldn’t be satisfied when vaping at 3mg through a lower output pod device such as a Juul.

Generally speaking, using a “standard” type of sub-ohm starter kit with moderate usage you can expect to use around 30ml-60ml of e-liquid per week. Vaping at lower ohms (0.1-0.3ohm) you can expect something between 10ml-20ml per day, or 70ml-140ml per week.

These are obviously based on personal experience/vaping style and should only be taken as a guide, everyone is different.


How long can I keep e-liquid before it expires?

E-Liquid, like most things, has an expiry date; a date when the contents are considered to no longer be of the intended quality.

Even though VG (Vegetable Glycerin) has a shelf life of somewhere between 4 and 6 years, PG (Propylene Glycol) generally has a shelf life of about 2 years. Flavor in e-liquid normally starts to have a noticeable drop off after about a year or so.

Pure VG e-liquids (with no PG, so ones which use all VG-based flavors) may last a bit longer.




Another factor to consider is the nicotine content. E-liquids with no nicotine tend to last longer than ones which do contain nicotine, so if you plan on stockpiling e-liquid, it might be best to store your e-liquids without nicotine and simply add it when needed.

For e-liquids that do contain nicotine, one might notice that over longer periods of time, the nicotine loses some of its potency and starts to feel less effective. It can also start to change the flavor of the e-liquid and taste a little more “peppery” as the nicotine ages.


How do you store e-liquids?


wine cellar


An E-liquid will probably last between two and three years if it is stored correctly. The best way to make it last the full time is to store it in a cool, dry, and preferably dark place, out of the reach of children for obvious reasons.


Can you tell when an e-liquid has expired?


color change e-liquid

  • First, check for discoloration. E-liquid with nicotine will normally discolor faster than zero nicotine e-liquids, especially if exposed to heat/sunlight for periods of time.
  • Look for separation in the e-liquid itself. Some juices will slowly separate out and if a quick shake doesn’t return it to uniform color, it might be time to get some more.
  • Smell your e-liquid. This one is pretty obvious, if for any reason your e-liquid now smells rotten, chuck it out!


Can I vape expired e-liquid?



The expiry date on e-liquid (and many other things) is really more of a ‘best before’ date than an actual expiry.

It’s a suggestion of when you should try to have used the e-liquid. There is no evidence to say vaping expired juice is dangerous or worse for your health, however, things can happen to the e-liquid after it expires.

The taste and smell will fade or change over time, just as the color and the potency of the nicotine can change or diminish. If these things happen, it’s probably a good idea to throw it away.

James Burd is a vaper, freelance writer and contributor for Vapor Shop Direct.

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