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Hangsen: A Glimpse Inside The World’s Largest E-liquid Factory

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When you think about big, premium e-liquid manufacturers a few popular names probably come to mind. But, the one that may not has sold over 100 million bottles at a quality higher than all of them.

We’d just finished packing everything up from a huge 3 days at the Shenzhen eCig Expo ready for a solid 24 hours of sleep when I received a call from CECMOL – the company behind some amazing events such as Vape Expo Japan, Shanghai, Beijing, and later this year, Vape Expo Oceania. We’d been invited to tour the factory and offices of the world’s largest e-liquid manufacturer, Hangsen.

Apart from the searing pain in our calf muscles and possible sleep deprivation, how could we say no?

After an hour long journey in a taxi that originally took us to the wrong address, we arrived at the front gate of Hangsen: a solid metal boom gate with police guards. We knew immediately that this visit was set to be a little grander than some of the factories we’d visited in America.

A few friendly members of their management team greeted us at the entrance with fashionable socks to put over our shoes, and in we went. Our first stop was the Hangsen showroom, which showcased all of their current devices, pod systems, and e-liquid lines.

One thing a lot of you may not realise is that Hangsen is actually a big player in the hardware sector too. Due to privacy we weren’t able to get photos of many of these, but you’ve probably seen a lot of their products before under a variety of different brand names (some highly popular ones).

You may even have one in your pocket.

One particular brand that Hangsen offer now is iQ; a collection of intelligently-designed pod systems. Having used what seems like a hundred different pod devices this year, the build quality on these really is second to none. I can safely say that the iQ OVS (pictured below) is my favorite pod system of the year, and we’ll be reviewing the entire range shortly.

Hangsen iQ OVS

Having spent a lot of our time living in the USA and Europe recently, we’re aware that the name Hangsen has become synonymous with gas stations, convenience stores, and tobacconists. This has led a lot of the more “enthusiast” vapers to assume that Hangsen isn’t really focused on quality like some of their favorite cartoon-laden e-liquid brands, and believe me when I say that this could not be further from the truth.

In my years of industry experience – having spent a lot of that time actually manufacturing and marketing e-liquid – Hangsen have completely set a new level of high standards and quality control; a level that I thought was not at all seen in our industry.

Still unsure? Here’s an entire wall dedicated to their licenses and certificates:

While I can’t go into the specifics of how they do things, or show many detailed photos of their extensive and highly-engineered production lines, their state-of-the-art mixing machinery, or the entire room they have dedicated to stress-testing every product they manufacture, I can show you these photos:

After we’d held, used, and played around with each of their new products, you could actually tell that these weren’t like some of the more boutique, 3D-printed “hyped” devices that people go crazy for online. These were actual, high-quality pieces of art.

So the next time you spot a Hangsen product on the shelf, do yourself a favor and grab one.

If not, that “cool” brand in your pocket may just be from them anyway.

Currently living in Sydney Australia, I come from a background in brand marketing and comedy writing. I’ve spent the last 3 years heavily involved in the vape industries of the USA, UK, and Oceania.

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