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Get Wrecked E-liquids Are Getting Wrecked In Court By Wrigley

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Looking at the e-liquid shelf in your local vape store is like looking at the candy aisle in Walmart. The same color combinations; the same cartoons; the same catch-phrases; and often, even the same names.


It doesn’t really come as a surprise to anybody that the e-cigarette industry – mainly the e-liquid sector – is filled to the brim with copyright infringing branding.

What is surprising though, is that we’re not hearing about a copyright lawsuit every other week.

But this week is different.

Wrigley filed a suit on Monday in Chicago federal court against e-liquid brand Get Wrecked LLC of infringing on their trademarks and causing unspecified damage. Get Wrecked LLC are the creators of “Skeetlez” which depict round ‘lentil-shape’ candies with an “S” printed on the packaging, and “Pink Starburst” which depict pink, square candies on the packaging.

Well, technically Wrigley created them. In 1960 and 1974.

“Defendants have refused to cease their misappropriation of Wrigley’s famous and federally registered Starburst and Skittles trademarks … in an intentional effort to trade off of the valuable goodwill that Wrigley has built up,”

Wrigley said.

Raccoon Thief

But even though these sorts of cases seem a lot rarer than they probably should, this isn’t the first time it’s happened.

Last year, Wrigley also sued e-liquid company Chi-Town Vapors for their e-liquid products infringing on the “Juicy Fruit” and “Double Mint” copyrights. After asking Chi-Town to stop selling these products, they merely rebranded to “Joosy Froot” and “Dbl Mnt”, in a rebrand that I think is comparable to walking back into the club you just got kicked out of wearing a fake moustache.


The funny thing about both of these cases is that Wrigley first contacted these companies – who had been blatantly profiting off their hard-earned goodwill and reputation – simply to ask them to stop blatantly profiting off their hard-earned goodwill and reputation, which I think is pretty commendable of Wrigley.

And in both cases they said no.

And got sued.

Currently living in Sydney Australia, I come from a background in brand marketing and comedy writing. I’ve spent the last 3 years heavily involved in the vape industries of the USA, UK, and Oceania.

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