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My First Vape: How To Successfully Make The Switch

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Thinking about diving into the world of vaping? Make sure you do it properly.


Cigarettes are a lot like the old racist grandparents of e-cigarettes. Not really welcome at social events anymore, but you keep inviting them because you kind of have to.

E-cigarettes? Well, they’re the cool grandchildren who do F45 workouts. Sure, some people still find them annoying but at least they’re relatively harmless.


Vaping Lady Smiling


Making the move over to e-cigarettes can be pretty daunting at first. It’s kind of like trading in your notepad and pencil for a smart phone or laptop, but you managed to do that.

The first thing you need to accept is that switching to vaping is going to take a bit more effort than just continuing to smoke cigarettes. I’ve seen a lot of people look into vaping for 5 minutes – and even go as far as buying one – before saying something along the lines of “it’s all too hard” and throwing it in a drawer.

Here’s a list of things that are also hard:

  • Cancer

Once you’ve committed to giving this whole vaping thing a proper rogering, make sure you go about things the right way.


Right Way Wrong Way


What I mean by that, is there’s a right way to get into vaping and then there’s wrong ways. Please read the following list of “ways to go about it”.

Ways To Go About It (as mentioned in the above sentence):

  • Visit your local vape shop and approach a staff member. Don’t just wander around looking at the big shiny things in the glass display units, you can look forward to doing that once you’re a seasoned vape god. At any good vape store, the staff there will be more than happy to help you through every single step of the process, and 10-15 minutes later you’ll be walking out that door puffing away on your new e-cigarette, walking towards the “new you”, sister. If the staff aren’t very helpful, simply retrace your steps back to the street and go to another shop.

That’s the only right way to go about it, and here’s a list of the wrong ways to go about it.

Wrong Ways To Go About It:

  • Go online and look for the one you saw in the video where the guy was making big jellyfish cloudsIf you do this for your first e-cigarette without any experience you’re probably going to get something you hate and you won’t use it, at best. At worst, you’re going to blow that pretty face of yours off and end up in the newspaper. Entry-level e-cigarettes are easy and safe to use. The big things those vape lords use can often be pretty dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.
  • Go to the local gas station or Walmart. We’ve all gone to pay for our gas or a new pair of socks and seen those little cigarette-shaped vapes, right? Well, while I’m not saying they suck, going down this route for getting your first e-cigarette does suck. These products work “okay”, but they’re cheap quality and the 12 year old serving you isn’t going to be a fountain of knowledge either.


You’ve already made it far enough to start searching for articles about vaping, so keep going. And going and going. Vaping may seem fun and exciting – it may also seem “lame” to a bunch of people – but it’s more than that: it’s the absolute best alternative to smoking that we have available. I’d rather be lame and healthy. Don’t call me lame though.

Vaping isn’t just something you can do. It’s something you need to do, right now.

Currently living in Sydney Australia, I come from a background in brand marketing and comedy writing. I’ve spent the last 3 years heavily involved in the vape industries of the USA, UK, and Oceania.

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