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Global Vape Marketing Opportunities For 2019

Vapetrotter.com is delighted to announce today that our digital advertising offerings will now also be available on E-cigarette-forum.com, greatly expanding the global reach and exposure we’re able to offer our clients.

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The global vaping industry is predicted to be worth $48 billion by 2023. The growth of the industry has been, and will continue to be, nothing short of meteoric.

With such significant escalation comes significant competition, and so our cross-platform digital marketing opportunities to over 3 million dedicated vapers is exactly what’s needed for brands to remain relevant and stay in the front of consumer’s minds.


About Vapetrotter

Vapetrotter launched in December 2017 and has since become the single fastest growing online platform the vaping industry has seen. It offers in-depth legal information for travelers, the largest global store finder in the world, store ratings and reviews, industry news, product reviews, and a wiki for newcomers.


About E-Cigarette Forum

The E-Cigarette Forum, launched in December 2007, is the largest online community for the vape industry, covering a range of topics from quitting smoking and getting started, to advanced hobbyist subjects. The ECF community is commonly credited as “where vaping was born” and is the first stop for people looking to quit smoking using e-cigarettes.


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