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Review: DJV (Dejavu) RDTA

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General Overview

Design: Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer (RDTA)
Diameter at base: 24.0mm
Barrel Diameter: 25.0mm
Height: 46mm
Weight: ~60g (empty)
Capacity: 2ml
Material: SS (SS version) or Aluminum (Black version)
Post Material: Gold plated
Build Deck Material: Unknown, probably stainless steel
Filling Method: Valve operated quick-fill port



  • Unique filling method
  • Unique build deck
  • Both bottom and side airflow
  • Gold plated 510 pin

what you get with the Dejavu RDTA

What you get in the box

  • Handy reusable travel case
  • 1 DJV build deck
  • 1 DJV top cap
  • 2 Glass tank tubes
  • 1 “Doc” styled 810 SS drip tip (in the same color as the tank itself)
  • 1 Wide bore 810 ultem drip tip
  • 1 Atomizer stand (unthreaded)
  • Pill box of spare parts containing:
    • 6 spare grub screws
    • One 7mm x 1mm rubber O ring
    • One 16mm x 2mm rubber O ring
    • Two 23mm x 1mm rubber O rings
    • Three 20mm x 1mm rubber O rings

DJV/Dejavu RDTA spare parts




The DJV or Dejavu is an RDTA designed by Malaysian vape reviewer and YouTuber Adrian Lo you can check out his video announcing the Dejavu below. The DJV was designed with dripper like performance in mind and while many might consider the 2ml capacity as a drawback, Adrain says that he did this intentionally to keep the tank as a whole short. With a height of 35.2mm from it’s base to the top of the top cap, it definitely isn’t the tallest RDTA. Adrian states that his intention was to give the cloud production and flavor of a dripper while allowing a little bit extra juice capacity than you would normally be able to carry in a dripper’s dip well.


User Impressions


Build Deck

DJV RDTA build deck


I’m not sure what material the build deck is made of because it has been painted gray, I can confirm that whatever it is made of is magnetic so I assume it is probably made out of stainless steel. RDTAs generally have build decks very similar to drippers, earning them the “D” in their name. The Dejavu is one step closer to a dripper than most RDTAs; it has an integrated 4mm drip well in the deck. I found that the deck offers ample space (internal diameter of 20.7mm) for building/wicking and the raised airflow ports help protect from leakage.



DJV RDTA posts


The gold plated posts on the DJV offer two variations of building. Each post features 3 holes for coil legs in a vaguely similar configuration to the Geekvape Peerless RDTA, unlike the Geekvape though, each post hole has it’s own grub screw.

You can fit a variety of different sized coils depending on which set of holes you choose to use. Using the lower hole on each side with the inner holes on the top allows you to fit an 11mm wide coil (leg to leg distance). While using the outer holes on top will allow up to a 14mm wide coil, you may run into issues with the top cap trying to squeeze in such a wide coil.



DJV RDTA airflow


The DJV features both bottom fed, and side fed airflow with the side airflow holes being adjustable. The bottom airflow holes are quite similar to the OG Kennedy drippers (not the trickster, the non-adjustable ones). Normally to me, bottom airflow RDAs and RDTAs can mean endless leaks but the DJV takes care of this by having the air channel raised up 4mm from the bottom of the deck (again, reminiscent of the Kennedy). This has the added benefit of bringing the airflow up and allowing you to build your coils right above to the air outlets. While the bottom airflow is not adjustable, for me it’s just the right amount of airflow

The side adjustable airflow is very optional, I find that I use it most with the sides closed off because for me, the flavor seems to be a bit better without the side airflow, not that the flavor is bad with them open, just not as good.


Ease of building

DJV RDTA top down showing coils


Building is an absolute breeze, the placement of the lower post holes means you can wrap your coils and leave the legs sticking out in their natural positions like you would on a normal velocity style deck.

One thing to keep in mind when you go to wick the Dejavu is that the bottom cap is reverse threaded. This means that to remove it you will need to twist it clockwise (when looking at the bottom with the tank upside down) instinct will tell you you’re tightening it, but I assure you that it will come off. When you think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense to have it that way, you can’t accidentally dump your juice out when you just wanted to unscrew your tank. I recommend taking the bottom cap and glass off to help with feeding the cotton through the wick holes and trimming it to length.



re-filling the DJV RDTA


Filling this tank is just about the easiest I’ve ever seen, right between the coil posts is a spring loaded nozzle which opens an internal valve when pressed down. This makes filling very easy, which is definitely a good thing because 2ml of juice means you will have to top up quite a bit more often than with larger tanks. The only problem I found with filling is that if you have a bit too much cotton in the wick holes, it make it hard for the air to find it’s way out as you fill up. this leads to pressure buildup and can force e-juice back out through the wick holes. The drip well helps prevent most of the spillage if you’re paying attention and stop but it can lead to a problem if you don’t notice. You can easily avoid this by either poking a “hole” beside your wicks using a needle or allen key so that air can escape, or simply by using a little less cotton and making sure that your wicks are lose enought to allow air to escape.


Build Quality


Overall, the finish and machining of the DJV is surprisingly good for the price point. I have the black rendition and the paint job is very good…no uneven spots or thin areas on the inside of the cap and the build deck itself is very nicely finished in gray.

All post holes have nice, smooth threading and the grab screw glide through the threads without sticking or biting anywhere.

The top cap fits snug and the rubber O rings give just enough grip that you can lift a 21700 mech tube without the cap coming off, but not so much that it makes the cap difficult to remove.


DJV RDTA on Tauren mech mod


Final Thoughts


I’ve always been more of a dripper user. Recently though, I’ve starting getting back into RDTAs again and I think that the Dejavu RDTA has made a great standard to hold future RDTAs to. The flavor is great, almost RDA level (I’d probably compare it closest to the Dead Rabbit in term of flavor). The look and finish is something you’d expect from a device that costs a lot more, and the overall user experience in building would make it something I’d recommend to people looking to start building.

There aren’t many things I would change about this RDTA. I would probably either give it a larger capacity, or at least the option of a squonk pin. Seeing as the smaller capacity was a deliberate move by Adrian Lo, I can’t really deduct points for that though.

As always, I will be rating this based on what I think the designer had in mind in making the DJV and how close/how well I believe it lives up to this.



Adrian’s Video on the Dejavu RDTA


Currently located in Sydney, Australia, I have been vaping since 2009 and became active in the e-cigarette industry in late 2015. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of visiting over 700 shops in 6 countries.

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