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DAVINCI IQ: Is This The Best Herb Vaporizer On The Market?

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The vaping industry, especially over the last few years, has been blowing up. Smoking is at a low and people are starting to become more aware of how bad it actually is.

Developers have learned how to market and design vaporizers more efficiently than ever before. Herb vaporizers are becoming more elegant and efficient than ever before, and today we’re going to talk about the Davinci IQ, the epitome of elegance and efficiency. It’s on the cutting edge of herb vaporizing, giving even pax a run for its money. Let’s take a look and see why it’s one of the best.

The last vaporizer we saw from Davinici was the Ascent, and it was one of the best vaporizers of its time in terms of portability and performance. It wasn’t quite as discrete as something like the Pax 2, but it more than made up for that in clean and plentiful vapor production.

The IQ isn’t a new vaporizer, but we’ve yet to see a compact herb vaporizer that can match it. It’s reminiscent of the Davinci Ascent in its design, but it’s also a large deviation from it. We see a familiar frame: a rectangle with rounded edges and a mouthpiece with an ergonomic curve.

It is, however, much smaller and much thinner. We like the fact that Davinci has focused on giving this device a more elegant, minimalist design. The device’s front facing user interface consists of 17 rows of 3 LED lights (a total of 51 LED lights) that light up sequentially to look like numbers or letters, depending on what the handler is using it for at the time. It might sound complicated, but it’s actually seamless and works extremely well.

davinci iq

The aforementioned LED lights can also light up to display your temperature, and the side controls allow you to set that temperature to whatever you want. We give a lot of credit to the engineers behind this device, as implementing precision temperature control with such a minimalist user interface is no small feat.

The Davinci IQ features a replaceable 18650 battery, which is a welcome addition. With many upcoming vaporizers featuring built-in batteries, the old-school vapers will really like this addition. This will allow you to charge up a couple of batteries at a time for extended vaping sessions. When one dies, just pop the other in and continue vaping.

Taste is always a big factor in determining which vaporizer to buy, and the Davinci IQ does not disappoint. It has a 100% ceramic zirconium air path made from high-quality materials that deliver pure, great tasting vapor.

Again, we’re seeing Bluetooth applications implemented in a vaporizer, and I couldn’t be happier. I always give this a lot of praise, because it keeps the user interface simpler by putting the more in-depth controls on a second screen (i.e. your smartphone or tablet.) It keeps the main device’s experience both clean and minimalist while simultaneously including features for users that like to get specific results from their vaping sessions.

davinci iq

The Davinci app allows you to utilize what they’re calling “Smart Path Technology.” You can select 4 preset temperature settings. In addition to precision temperature control, you can also use this feature to jump to the temperatures that have earned their place as your favorites, making your session totally free of hassle.

Overall, we’re loving this device! It pulls you in with a very sexy, elegant design, and the further you look into it, the more appealing it becomes. Everything about the device is smooth and sleek. It couldn’t look better. The materials and design of the air path make vaping extremely enjoyable, and if I had to sum up the experience in a single word, that word would be “premium.”

The innovative user interface adds to that premium feel. Vaping has never been easier, and it’s never looked cooler. Those 51 LED lights look awesome, but they’re extremely functional as well. It’s so intuitive that almost anyone who interfaces with technology on a semi-regular basis could pick it up and use it without a manual. It also offers optimum control with the Davinci app, making the device well rounded and suitable for both vapor enthusiasts and newcomers alike. If you’re looking for a top-notch vaporizer that’ll bring you one amazing vape session after another with maximum style, you can’t go wrong with Davinci IQ.

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