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Dani 25: The Power Of A Mod, In A Pen

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There are a few obvious advantages to a pen-style vape setup. It’s smaller, lighter, and you feel it a lot less in your pocket. The main disadvantages are low battery life, less power, and quite often, fewer features.

Box mods have one big disadvantage, and that’s that they’re, well, big.

Some come in smaller forms, but they suffer from the same disadvantages previously mentioned in regards to pen-style vaporizers.

Thanks to cutting-edge vape technology, you can now get the best of both, but it comes with a pretty steep price tag. If you’re ready to spend upwards of $300 dollars on your next setup, this might be the one for you. We’re going to talk about a pen-style vape setups with amazing battery life, sufficient power, and the plethora of options you’d expect from a box mod.


dani 25

Dani 25 – by Dicodes
There are a few pen-style mods that approach that 80w standard. The biggest caveat with all of them, however, is that their battery life is truly awful. Dani 25 by Dicodes is a single-battery mod that uses both 20700 and 21700 batteries. Both are the newest, most efficient batteries on the market. A handful of devices are compatible with them, but in the near future they’ll be phasing out the 18650 we’ve all gotten used to. Put simply, they’re superior because they have more power and a smaller form factor.

Dani 25 is, as far as I can tell, the only pen-style mod that takes advantage of this newer battery while also providing the user with all of the options that they’d find in a box mod. This includes, but is not limited to, 10 power boost modes, 10 heater protection modes, atomizer resistance ranging from .05 ohms to 5 ohms, variable wattage, bypass mode, and temperature control mode. It has an OLED display that looks beautiful on the stainless steel construction. It’s sleek, it’s powerful, and it’s cutting-edge.

The only “bad” thing about it is the fact that it has one button. It’s good for the minimalist design they’re going for, but operating it would be a little easier if they’d just included a couple more buttons. It’s a drawback, but it doesn’t ruin the experience by any means.


cosmonaut district f5ve

Cosmonaut – by Districtf5ve
By now you know whether or not this is going to be something you’re into. The price point and the single-button user interface alone are enough to turn a few people off. This is for those that really want the latest and greatest in vaping tech. If you’ve already dropped $300 on a mod, you may as well get an RDA that’ll fully utilize its capabilities. We’ve put a lot of thought into picking the perfect RDA for the Dani 25, and our pick is based on functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The Cosmonaut has an intuitive, postless design that’ll allow you to build as many coils as you want to use. Personally, I wouldn’t do more than six, but you could potentially get 8 coils in here. This RDA is very short compared to most, so it’s a lot like the Dani 25 in the fact that it’s innovativeness makes it smaller without compromises.

Speaking of no compromises, Districtf5ve boldly claims that despite this RDA’s size, the tip will never get hot during use. They’re not lying. This is made possible by the Cosmonaut’s innovative airflow design.  Obviously, the ability to build that many coils without burning your lips will appeal to cloud chasers, but its small form factor makes it absolutely perfect for the Dani 25.


This combination isn’t going to be financially feasible for a lot of people, but if you can afford it and want the latest and greatest in vaping, it’s definitely a contender. It’ll blow the socks off of anyone you show it to, especially if they’re knowledgeable in the field of vaping. The Dani 25 is a sleek, highly-portable mod with great battery life. It also has all of the options you’d find packed into a box mod. The Cosmonaut RDA is the best counterpart you’ll find for the Dani 25 due to its size, functionality, and innovative design.

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