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Colorado: State Senator Vapes Inside State Capitol

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There are a lot of mixed opinions when it comes to the debate on whether vaping should be allowed indoors, or even exempt in public places that ban smoking.

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Without a doubt, every vaper at some point has had to say to an authority figure or passerby that “its not smoke, its vapor”.

Either way, it’s a common courtesy to respect the people around you by not vaping around them. Most people don’t enjoy having to breathe in your second hand vape.

While you might love the smell, it’s the same reason you wouldn’t want to breathe in a strangers morning breath: it doesn’t bother them but it’s gross for you.

This indoor/outdoor argument didn’t seem to be much of an issue inside the State Capitol of Denver recently, as being confined to a room discussing politics had State Sen. Daniel Kagan needing his vape fix as he discreetly puffed away while presiding as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee on January 23rd.

A really smooth side of the mouth exhale while no one is looking in the video above shows it all.

Sen. Kagan (Democrat) was granted permission by Republicans to “vape on” inside the State Committee room.

“As far as I know I’m not breaking any laws and I always ask permission.”

Thank you, kind Republicans!

I think it’s fair to say that if this was to happen in 99% of government buildings someone would be in some seriously hot soup. But then again, Denver has always been a few steps ahead of the rest of us.

peyton manning salute

As it stands, there is no state law that prohibits vaping inside the State Capitol. In fact, state law doesn’t prohibit vaping inside any public place apart from schools.

Studies show that second hand vapor poses no real threat to the public (can’t say that about the air in some cities), so people can relax knowing that the second hand vapor they may inhale from an inconsiderate vaper has absolutely no effect on them or any surrounding bystanders.

While vaping does create secondhand exposure to nicotine, it doesn’t create any of the toxicants that are expelled from the combustion of traditional tobacco.


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