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The Best Cloud Chasing Setup Under $60

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People vape for different reasons. Some people need the nicotine, some love the flavor, and some (including myself) love to chuck massive, dense clouds.

Some cloud chasing setups will cost a couple of hundred dollars, but anyone can chase clouds with only $60. This cost doesn’t include batteries or accessories, but it does include temperature control, variable wattage, bypass mode, and 120W of power. The mod and RDA are both priced aggressively, and it would be challenging at the very least to find something as cheap with the same build quality and performance.

Recently I bought a Cuboid 200, and it stopped working within a week. There’s a common defect that makes the 510 connection faulty, resulting in a constant “atomizer not found.” I decided to get a new mod and a new tank. I researched a lot before finding the setup that I preferred in terms of aesthetics, performance, and (say it with me Cuboid) longevity. Price wasn’t a factor for me, but what I ended up with was a surprisingly affordable build. If you’re buying this setup brand-new, it’ll cost around $55. If you decide to grab them used it’ll probably only cost $30-$40. Keep in mind, this cost doesn’t account for cotton or wire.

The Mod, and Why It’s the Best.

Eleaf iStick 100w TC

The best budget mod out there right now, in my opinion, is the Eleaf iStick 100W TC. It typically costs about $35, but you can find them for around $25 brand-new. There are several factors I’ve taken into consideration, and I believe this is the mod with greatest value on the market. You can find other mods for $25-$35 dollars, but they typically won’t come with the full range of features that the Eleaf iStick 100w TC comes with.

It’s built extremely well. You can shake it without hearing plastic pieces jiggling around. That might not bother everyone, but poorly-fitting, badly-engineered parts drive me crazy. This is just a solid mod. The magnetic battery covers are really cool, and they can be swapped out for color combinations. It takes two 18650 batteries, and it has a good battery life. It also functions with only one battery if you’re ever in a pinch.

Eleaf iStick 100w TC

It’s extremely sleek and stealthy. The design was clearly thought out, and the interface feels very natural. You might need a manual to adjust the advanced settings, but setting your wattage or picking your mode couldn’t be easier.

It was released as a 100W mod, and since then the price has dropped. Through firmware upgrades you can get this mod to fire up to 120W. I paid less than usual for a 100W mod and got 120W. I consider 100W slightly limiting, even though I usually stick to 80-90W. I don’t know, what if my taste changes. What if I get a tank that works better with higher wattage? I’m a lot more comfortable with 120W. The design, quality, power, and affordability make this the best bang for your buck mod out there.

The RDA, and Why It’s the Best

Dead Rabbit RDA

If you’re into RDAs and want the best, affordable cloud machine out there, look no further than the Dead Rabbit by Heathen and Hellvape. There’s a lot to love about this RDA.

This RDA couldn’t be more metal, displaying a deceased rabbit prominently on the side of the tank with two pen-style vapes behind it intended to look like crossbones. It also literally has an all-metal design. Each post is more elevated than that of other RDAs, which makes building coils extremely easy. Leaking is practically non-existent because air comes from the top of the tank. I purchased the rainbow variant, which utilizes something that’s usually called “Titanium Aura.” Anyone trendy knows that this color is all the rage right now, so if you want your vaporizer to be a beast and a fashion statement at the same time, I highly recommend it.

Dead Rabbit RDA

The Dead Rabbit has four elevated posts that make building a coil very easy. Even for those that have never touched an RDA, I would recommend this. It’s one of the best RDAs for beginners due to its ease of use, but its cloud production and flavor make it ideal for seasoned vapers as well.

Speaking of flavor, this RDA delivers a lot at a low price. Due to the elevated posts, the coils are closer to the mouthpiece, and the slanted air-flow at the tops of the tank pulls air right onto them. I won’t get into the science of it right now, because that would be a totally different article. It’ll suffice to say that this is one of the best-tasting RDAs out there, and it’s easily the best on the market under $25.


This is the perfect setup for a budget cloud chaser. It offers more wattage than you’ll need, more features than you’ll use, and a fantastic little RDA to take advantage of them.

I’d recommend this setup to anyone, and I’d recommend the individual products to anyone as well. Both are great devices that punch above their price range.


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