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Chasing An Endless Summer With Vape Dinner Lady

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Summer. Summer is a beautiful thing.

When I think of summer there are two things that penetrate my mind with an overwhelming sense of happiness…

The Holidays and Mango season!




Australians have to count themselves as some of the luckiest people on the planet as the year draws to a close with the holiday season fast approaching.

Our supermarkets are stocked to the brim with fresh and ripe mangos, citrus fruits, and berries that arouse the senses with nostalgic imagery of tanned skin, bare feet, barbecues, ice cold beer, and of course, the holiday staples of surf, sun, and sand.

Nostalgic smells can transport you back to a time or place that you, and only you, can sit and reminisce with a sense of joy and personal reflection.


dinner lady vape mango sun tan


The moment that I opened up a bottle of Sun Tan Mango from The Summer Holiday’s range by Vape Dinner Lady, I was instantly transported back to my yearly family vacations on the sunny Gold Coast of Australia, where every morning my entire family would set up camp by the hotel pool.

My brothers and I would race over to the fruit platter – prepared by mother dearest – and begin wrestling to obtain the mango pips to indulge in the super messy, yet extremely satisfying “sucking of the mango pip” that was commonly the last piece on the plate.

Our little sister would watch on from the pool, as she was always pushed in by one of us. All for one, one for all.

While most people just like the simplicity and cleanliness of mango flesh cut into cubes, in my family I guess we just loved the mess! This was always followed by a swim – the most effective way to clean oneself after such a delicious and messy victory.


Mango pip pip mango


And, all of this nostalgia came flooding back to me by just opening the bottle! I hadn’t even tried it yet!

It was only recently I discovered that Vape Dinner Lady’s mantra and mission is to deliver “Nostalgia in a Bottle!”, and it’s clear that every flavor created is made with a sense of memory, and most of all, made with love.

I scrambled to fill up my tank, impatiently waiting for the coil to absorb the sweet and delicate flavor of the Mango Sun Tan.

It’s ready. I’m ready. I FIRE!

Real Mango! This is what summer is all about! Profiles of sweet and juicy mango with a subtle hint of honey that truly encompasses my summer holidays!

No traces of sugary, candy-like imitations, just a super clean, full and robust fresh mango flavor.

The coolada steps it up a notch, giving a slight cooling sensation like that of a mango ice cream bar. Sun Tan Mango is a fantastic all day vape for those looking to live an endless summer!


mango pops ice cream


The rest of the Summer Holidays Range has something for everyone and is definitely a ‘must try’ range!

Flavors include Cola Shades, Black Orange Crush, Strawberry Bikini, Flip Flop Lychee, Cola Cabana, and Guava Sunrise.

What’s the next installment for Vape Dinner Lady? The greatly anticipated launch of their Tuck Shop Range is about to drop! Stay tuned for more updates!


Tuck shop Vape Dinner Lady

Currently based in Sydney Australia. Ex-Smoker who has spent the last 3 years heavily involved in the vape industries of the USA, UK, and Australia.. Get In touch, Ryan@vapetrotter.com

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