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Can Vaping Help You Watch Your Weight?

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A lot of people develop eating disorders in response to the withdrawal from smoking. It happens because the instincts that tell them to smoke after every hour or two, start creating strong cravings to counter the nicotine withdrawal.



It is very easy to fall off the wagon and develop bad eating habits, which in turn, cause weight gain. A lot of people who have been through this dilemma prefer not to quit the bad habit of smoking out of the fear of gaining abnormal weight.

The tobacco and fashion industry has always tried to associate tobacco smoking with thin and slender physique. It’s kind of in our unconscious minds that we relate smoking cigarettes with thin models and lean builds. Some cigarette brands went as far as to recommend smoking instead of having a snack. Thin models smoking cigarettes also enforce the belief that smoking helps to get rid of fats. This mentality also boosts the fear of gaining weight by quitting smoking.


Model Smoking


The effect of using e-cigarettes to cope with nicotine cravings after quitting smoking was studied by Nature.com. The study found that electronic cigarettes can help mitigate hunger associated with nicotine cravings, hence providing the person with a coping mechanism to counter the withdrawal symptoms. The small amount of nicotine in electronic cigarettes also help suppress appetite (which is the main reason why people who quit smoking are prone to gaining weight).

Electronic cigarettes allow a user to choose the amount of nicotine in their vape juice which keeps the body from going into shock after a sudden withdrawal. The vaper also gets to mimic the hand to mouth action of smoking a cigarette by using an electronic cigarette. And last but not the least, the variety of flavors that electronic cigarettes come along with are a fun thing to explore on their own.

E-cigs help an individual counter the urge to eat something when it’s time to smoke. The fact that you can choose the amount of nicotine in your e-juice along with the flavor of your choice gives you something to fall back onto once you make the decision of quitting smoking once and for all. You feel less breathless and more energetic, and you burn more calories by walking around and doing your chores because of the new found fitness, which helps burn more calories.


Vape flavors


Some e-juice manufacturers have gone so far to bring forth flavors to even help counter cravings for different sweets and colas. And as you know, no matter what kind of out of the world flavor you’re vaping, there are 0 calories that you have to deal with. Yummy flavors along with appetite suppressing nicotine bring forth the best recipe to stay lean and healthy without having to deal with hundreds of carcinogenic substances that tobacco smoking has to offer.

The types, varieties and future possibilities of e-cig flavors are literally endless. People who have been vaping now for a couple of years know how many exciting flavors are out there just to be discovered. So instead of going for that vanilla ice cream or chocolate bar, just reach out to your e-cig and enjoy your treat without having to deal with any negative consequences.

Vape On!

Hassan has been a vaping enthusiast for the past 5 years. He has tested and reviewed hundreds of flavors along with basic and advanced vaping gear.

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