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An E-cigarette Was Found Inside A Chicken Kiev

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When I cut into a freshly baked chicken kiev there’s only a small handful of things I’d be delighted to find. An e-cigarette is not one of those things.

E-cigarette chicken kiev

But this is exactly what a family in England experienced when they opened their fresh box of garlic buttery chickens from Tesco this week, according to the BBC.

The family told the news outlet that when they opened the box and began to take out the chicken kievs to cook their children’s dinner, a snapped in half e-cigarette was found inside.

“We didn’t know what it was at first as we don’t smoke and have never used one,”

they told BBC News.

“We and everyone else have been horrified by this.”

It’s not known whether the e-cigarette was owned by one of the chickens involved.

When they returned to the Tesco to complain about what had occurred, they were given a measly £10 voucher and a few chocolates, and after escalating the matter to the customer complaints department they were given an extra £50 voucher.

It’s not known whether the chocolates also contained an e-cigarette.

Tesco were quoted as saying that they provided the vouchers simply as a gesture of goodwill, as they don’t believe the e-cigarette was actually found in the box as the family claimed.

Basically Tesco thinks the family are a conniving pack of liars, planting frozen e-cigarettes into unsuspecting packages of garlic-injected chicken to extort Tesco out of their hard-earned dollars.

But the family have stated that they were unimpressed with the outcome, adding:

“…something somewhere has been overlooked in the factory during the packing process as the box was sealed when we bought it”.

But, if we’re to take Tesco’s stance, perhaps the family have used their fortune from prior rackets of placing e-cigarettes into food and had purchased packaging machinery to cover up their tampering more accurately.

The family are yet to talk to an environmental health officer about the incident.

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