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7 Guidelines For Vaping Like a Ninja

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Although vaping was designed to provide a safer option to conventional cigarettes, people who aren’t familiar with vaping often look upon vapers as a threat to their healthThis attitude has led to many vapers looking for new and inventive ways to enjoy their vaping without causing a commotion.

So, here’s a quick guide to stealth vaping that will allow you to vape undetected, like a ninja.

[Disclosure: Only use your e-cigarette in areas where doing so is legal. Vapetrotter.com bares no responsibility for vaping where it is not permitted.]



Choosing the best device

Vaping undetected requires special equipment to help keep you under the radar. Instead of the standard big tube or box mod, you need to look for something more discreet. Opt for a pod system, or even a vape mod with a smaller battery. The trick is to have less voltage in your e-cig in order to produce less vapor.


What about e-juice?

Using your Pod System with a PG based e-liquid will assist in your efforts to remain undetected. The reason for this is that PG e-liquid produces less vapor. Now, it isn’t necessary to use pure PG based e-liquid; you can even use diy e-juice flavors with a more distinctive flavor and taste, but which produce less amounts of vapor.

As a base, PG produces more of a “throat hit” so many ex-cigarette smokers enjoy the sensation compared to VG e-juices. The downside is that if you haven’t used a 100 percent PG juice before you could experience some side effects. People tend to have more sensitivities and allergies to PG, which means you can get mild allergic symptoms, such as a sensation in your throat.

If you’ve used PG/VG blends in the past without issue you can feel a little safer when giving the 100 percent e-juice a try. If you haven’t, take a hit and see how you feel. If you do find you have a PG sensitivity you can experiment by diluting with VG. We should warn you that water equals steam, so take caution when doing this and never add more than 10 percent water to your juice.



Hangsen IQ 3SECS Pod System


The ‘Ninja’ Technique

Perfecting your covert vaping comes down to your technique. Even with the right equipment to downsize that vape cloud, you have to be careful about how much you are exhaling. If you have a button-activated device, practice inhaling just before you press the button, and release the button as you continue to inhale. This allows you to take the full hit of all the vapor, which means vapor will not be escaping as you take the e-cig from your mouth.

Don’t exhale yet.

Instead, take in some air (this might take some practice, so you don’t let any vapor escape). Hold your breath for a few beats before you exhale, and you’ll see what a difference it makes. It will take some time to get the hang of it, but once you do you will be a true vaping ninja.

Holding the vapor in for a second or two before exhaling will drastically reduce the amount of vapor you exhale, while also providing a noticeable hit of nicotine. Another trick is exhaling into your shirt or into a napkin.

Give each of these techniques a try and see what works best for you.


Ninja Vape Stealth Vaping


What about nicotine?

Some people find that all these tricks combined lead to a less pleasant vaping experience. However, you can add to your pleasure by using a higher nicotine content. Although you’ll be gaining some throat hit using the PG e-juice, some people find that a low-powered device lessens the overall throat hit. With a higher nicotine content you’ll get a stronger hit, which means you will be less tempted to take more puffs, which helps you maintain your ninja status.



What about e-juice flavours?

If you want to be able to stealth vape, you are going to have to make a few more sacrifices, namely e-juice flavors. Using 100% unflavored PG e-liquid is the best way to avoid detection, as you won’t be giving off any tell-tale aromas. This is usually fine if you are vaping for a hit of nicotine, but not so good for those who are vaping for the flavor.

If you just can’t do without flavor some of the less offensive and obvious flavours include a refreshing citrus, as this is a common air freshener and cleaning scent. You can also go the menthol route, as it is no more offensive than a whiff of chewing gum. This can also provide a stronger hit, so be prepared if you’ve never used mint before. Finally, creams are a lighter smell that can also help keep you undercover. Flavours that tend to be more obvious include tobacco, baked goods like cakes, pastries, donuts, and strawberry, which tend to have lingering smells that people notice.


Where can I try out my new ninja vaping skills?

Even if you become a vaping ninja of superior skill, you need to be cautious where you try stealth vaping. Make sure you are not in a place where you can infringe on rules or laws, such as at work or in a no-vaping area. It’s not worth the risk if you can end up getting fired, or even charged. Most of all you will give those people who don’t vape a reason to dislike it.

You also want to use common sense – not to mention common decency – and not vape in areas where you know it might be offensive or rude. This includes around children or where people are enjoying a meal. If you’ve recently quit smoking you might also want to avoid your old haunts such as the designated smoking spot at work, because it will expose you to the cigarettes you’re trying to quit.


Stealth Ninja Vape


Why be a vaping ninja?

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to vape covertly. Whether you are trying to do it to avoid flack from your peers or loved ones, trying to avoid social scrutiny when out in public, or just don’t want to offend anyone unknowingly, perfecting your stealth vaping skills will help you remain a little less obvious.

If you’re a new vaper you might also feel that public opinion means all eyes will be on you when you pull out that e-cig. Many people are offended as they feel they will be breathing in your second-hand vapor.

Who wants to argue with someone about that?

Also, it can become tiresome to have people asking you questions out of curiosity because it’s the first time they’ve seen someone vaping. So, preferably stay away from the crowd unless you perfect the art of undercover vaping.

Good luck!

Rebecca Hill is the community manager at iBliss Vapor, a Canadian e-juice manufacturer that helps people get away from smoking and move towards a healthier lifestyle.

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