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5 All Day Vape Juices You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet

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How often do you go out of your way to try something new? Some people live for variety, and others tend to stick to their tried and true favorites.

Even if you’re the latter, do yourself a favor and shake up your routine with one of these amazing e-liquids. They’re not just yummy flavors that we think are good, these are juices that have been vaped by us, chosen for vapor production, viscosity, and flavor. This list is also narrowed down to e-liquids that are flavorful, yet light and smooth enough to vape all day. Let’s get started.

1. Ziggy – by Lost Art

Ziggy Lost Art

I’m kicking off the list with my personal favorite. I’ve gone through ten bottles of this stuff, and the tenth will not be the last. It’s said to taste like the juice at the bottom of a tropical snow cone, but it’s so much more than that. Vaping this juice tastes like you’re biting into a juicy, ripe fruit that no one has discovered but you. It is undeniably fruity, yet it tastes like no single fruit or fruit combination I’ve ever had.

A lot of fruit flavors overdo the fruitiness. I think that because they were going for a watery, snow cone flavor, it accidentally equaled out to a perfect fruit e-liquid. Honestly, after trying it, I wish that all fruit flavored e-liquids were slightly more subdued. It’s totally unique, and if it really is a Lost Art, I would like to find the lost tribe that mastered it. I will become one of them if that’s what it takes to get an endless supply of this juice.


2. Experiment One – by Teleos

experiment one teleos

According to Teleos, this is the first juice they ever bottled. It was intended to be a cereal e-liquid with frosting flavor and frosted flakes flavor. They’d probably call it Frosting Flakes. These e-liquid names write themselves, right? Rather, it tasted nothing like that, and the good people at Teleos tweaked and experimented with it until they had Experiment One: a corn pudding flavored e-liquid.

Apparently, corn pudding isn’t as weird as it sounds, and it’s been a favorite among citizens of the Southern United States. I’ve lived in Florida most of my life and grew up in middle-of-nowhere farmlands, and even I’ve never heard of this. Maybe it’s a dish that’s been lost to time. Either way, it vapes extremely well and I’d recommend it to anyone.


3. Trinity – by Seduce Juice

trinity seduce juice

If you’re a little nutty, you might like this next juice. It tastes like roasted almonds, pistachios, and macadamia nuts topped with a cinnamon caramel glaze. The holy trinity of roasted nuts was already welcoming, but the cinnamon caramel glaze is what gives it that extra something. It doesn’t overpower the nut flavors.

It’s perfectly balanced and does a great job of bringing out the nuts’ subtle flavors as opposed to covering them. If you’re a fan of roasted nuts and sweet and salty combinations, you may have just found your new favorite e-liquid. Every flavor harmonizes perfectly, making it perfect for an all day vape.


4. Bacchus – by Cloud Alchemist

bacchus cloud alchemist

Cloud Alchemy: the only way to get this much delicious flavor into a cloud. Seriously, it’s great. You’re greeted on the inhale by sweet blueberries and cream, and on the exhale it tastes like milk and honey. All flavors are present throughout the experience, but certain ones pop more on the inhale and exhale.

This flavor is great because of its natural taste and flavor accuracy. It tastes like blueberries, honey, and milk. It isn’t plagued by chemical flavors or artificial aftertaste. This one did something right. It’s one of the smoothest, creamiest juices on the market, making it an ideal all day vape.


5. Horchata-tas


This is a flavor replication of the classic Spanish drink: the horchata, also called the agua de horchata. It’s a milk based drink with cinnamon, rice, vanilla, and sugar. You’ve probably had it at a fancy Mexican restaurant, and if you haven’t, you need to. Word of advice, they fill you up way faster than you’d expect.

It seems like a thin drink, but I caution you, don’t drink more than two glasses of it before your food comes. The results will not be pretty. This juice is a perfect representation of the drink itself. There’s not a lot of layered flavors here, rather it hits you all at once with a smoothly-sweet, milky, cinnamon flavor. I love complex flavors, but I’d have this one no other way.


There they are: five e-liquids you probably haven’t tried that will blow you away. If one of these becomes your new all day vape, let us know in the comments.

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